Instruments of Joy Crew Update – Guitar Purchase

Hey everybody this is Joshua MacLeod with Instruments of Joy! I’m holding in my hands a brand new guitar and behind me is 18 new instruments that we just purchased from our distributor All of these instruments are going to go into the hands of a musician in need and I just kind of say a big huge Thank you to our Instruments of Joy Crew. So the people who give us $20 a month or $40 a month or $100 a month through our Instruments of Joy You’re making this possible. These are actually the guitars that we were able to purchase. This is a Tombstone guitar which is an incredibly valuable guitar, it is about a $600 retail value guitar and through our partnerships we’re able to get this for less than $200 bucks And so your donations go a long way I mean check this out, it’s got a great tuner, an equilizer, it’s an acoustic/electric which is really helpful in the developing world a lot of times they don’t have amplifiers and stuff to plug in. and it sounds amazing and so you’re making an incredible difference if you’re not a part of our instruments of joy crew or haven’t heard about instruments of joy crew Basically when you give $20 a month every year you’re giving away a quality instrument like this And you get back a picture of the person who receives your gift when you give $40 you’re going to get back to photos from two musicians that you bless if you give $100 you’re giving five instruments every year So if you’re not a part of the instruments of doing crew this is a great chance to join go to or click on donate click on join the crew and One of these instruments that you see behind me will go out in your name and you’ll get back a photo of the person who received it Thanks so much! Crew members. Thank you so much It’s an incredible privilege to be able to go and give these instruments and get them into the hands of musicians and you’re doing a mighty and Wonderful thing. Thanks so much