Interview with Fantastic Mr Fox Composer Arthur Darvill

I first become involved in Fantastic Mr Fox when Maria asked me if I wanted to write some songs I was so honoured to be asked, and then I started reading it and then just went ‘I love this book, I don’t know if I can do this’ which I think is a good reaction to have because a lot of the process has been, you know, honouring what Roald Dahl wrote [Sung] can you feel it, foxy, oh! Slender and slim I’ve never been so athletic and trim I pirouette like a fox I never sweat like a fox I’ve got the supple slinky sexy silhouette like a fox [Spoken] I am a massive Roald Dahl fan I remember reading this book in my cabin bed that I had in Birmingham in my parents’ house and I read it in one go, one night, and just absolutely loved it the fact that I now get to write music for the stage show of it is a bit of a pinch yourself moment I’ve been very conscious of wanting to write stuff that people would come out singing [Guitar] [Sung] my guts are grumblin’, I need to eat I wanna stuff my furry belly with meat, yeah [Spoken] I think Roald Dahl writes such great characters it’s such a joy to see those characters jump out of a book it’s a perfect family show and it’s a perfect show for all ages I think there’s some, it works on lots of different levels [Sung] My fangs cut faster than a mouth full of lasers my claws are sharper than a fistful of razors I wanna rip somebody’s guts out wanna wear them tear them twist ’em but I can’t be charged with murder ’cause foxes haven’t got a legal system [Drumming] [Sung] I’m feeling foxy I’m a natural born killer and I’m tearing through your chicken house like a ginger Godzilla I can flay you like a fox I can slay you like a fox and then I’ll drink your blood as if it’s Beaujolais like a fox