Introducing the SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST by Native Instruments | Native Instruments

Meet Scarbee Funk Guitarist, your personal session guitar player. At your service any time you need the funk, ready to play the rhythm track you want, exactly the way you want it, with the quality you’d expect from Native Instruments and Scarbee. The sound is incredibly authentic and it’s a lot of fun to use. Each preset maps sampled guitar chords to the lower part of your keyboard and rhythmic patterns to the higher part. Trigger the groove and add fills with the right hand… While you control chord progressions with the left hand. You’re only using 2 midi notes, so programming and editing guitar lines in your host sequencer is simple. You get a virtually limitless selection of grooves, all neatly organized into chord and riff presets. The chord progressions are based on classic funk tracks, so it’s easy to recreate classic, soul, funk, disco, pop, and R&B guitar tracks. And with pro-quality effects on board, you have everything you need to get your guitar tracks radio ready. But while the ready-made grooves of Scarbee Funk Guitarist provide blazing fast results, the true power of this instrument lies in its editability. You have control over any element in detail… And with the help of some smart Scarbee magic, such as automatic stroke and velocity alteration and fully automated chord detection, even the grooves you built from scratch will sound like real hand played guitar lines. So whether you’re sketching out a quick rhythm track, wrestling with demonic chord progressions, or struggling with inhuman rhythms, this guitarist can handle it. May the funk be with you.