Jak zainstalować Composer na Ubuntu w dwie minuty?

Hi, today I’ll show You how to install Composer on Ubuntu in 2 minutes. I’ll use wget command to download newest version of composer.phar In my case it’s 1.8.5 version. wget allows to download files throught HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. Downloading shouldn’t take much time – file size is 1,83Mb. When downloading is done, we change the name by mv (move) command from composer.phar to composer Next, to make Composer available globally we move it to /usr/local/bin/ directory But – in this case – we must use sudo mv command. Now, we changing current directory in which we are to /usr/local/bin/ So we use cd /usr/local/bin/ command Let’s check, if file was moved correctly by listing directory with ls command Last thing, which we must do is give executable privileges for composer file. We will use chmod +x composer command. Our Composer is ready to use. We can run it by composer command. We can also check, if any update is available by composer selfupdate command. That’s all in this tutorial. Thanks for watching. I hope that this knowledge will be usefull.