Juarez Acoustic Guitar JRZ 038C Review | Zabel Guitar Review | Cheap and Best Guitar on Amazon??

You want to start learning guitar but you might not want to spend Rs5000-7000 in the beginning because you might have a limited budget or you might have doubts regarding pursuing guitar passionately in the future as well or you want to gift someone a guitar within a limited budget so do watch this video because today I am going to show you some guitars that are reasonably priced and have decent quality so lets get started first guitar is Zabel ZBTR09 this guitar i bought from amazon.in for only Rs2555 lets do the unboxing if this guitar and see what else we get in the package besides the guitar good packaging done by seller you can see there is as fragile sticker on the box this guitar comes in a double packaging one from the seller and the second from amazon so that during shipping there is no damage this guitar comes with a strap, string set and some picks a warranty card in which all details are written regarding the warranty a very basic quality cover comes with this guitar it has a single pocket and this cover is non-paded this guitar has a truss rod so if the guitar neck bends it can be serviced and repaired easily in Rs2500 this is a really good acoustic starter pack looks and playability of this guitar is also good overall this a value for money package next we will see Juarez 38 inch cutaway acoustic guitar size and quality wise it’s same as zabel main difference between both is that zabel comes with a truss rod and this comes without a truss rod this also costs approximately Rs2500 and with this guitar also you get string set, picks, strap and cover next guitar is givson this guitar is not that good if we compare it with zabel and juarez this guitar you can get in around Rs3000 here the guitar that i have shown is a medium size guitar while buying this guitar be cautious about the price because online it costs more than Rs4000 and sometimes even at a retail store it’s sold at a higher prices now lets have a sound comparison of all the three guitars so this was the sound comparison you can get best buy links of zabel and juarez in the description box just remember while buying givson don’t spend more than Rs3000-3500 which guitar did you like do let me know in the comment section and if you found the video useful do LIKE , SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel The Guitar Chronicles because I am going to bring a lot of interesting videos on this channel and do follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter links to which are in description so i will see you in the next video Thank you BYE!!