Jump Start Your Creativity at WHD.global 2017 with Composer and Inventor Philip Sheppard

Philip Sheppard is a virtuoso cellist, composer, producer, inventor, speaker, philanthropist and a world renowned creative innovator. He’s composed more than 60 film, television and theatrical scores including the Star Wars
Force Awakens behind the scenes Comic Con trailer which has over 11 million YouTube
plays. He’s also produced and arranged all 206 national anthems for the winners’ ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympic Games and music for rock ‘n’ roll legends Jimmy Page,
Jarvis Cocker, and David Bowie. Philip is also an award-winning speaker who has alsodelivered keynotes on creative innovation for business giants such as Ernst & Young, YouTube and Google. Philip’s unique approach to music led to
the creation of “Compose Yourself”, a revolutionary game that enables children to build their own symphonic works using a computer algorithm and an innovative deck of cards, leading to a front page feature in the Wall Street Journal. Combining melodies in different ways helps develop critical thinking, creativity, and confidence. Using his engaging musical approach, Philip will be delivering an inspiring keynote at WHD.global 2017 WHD.global 2017 on the intersection of music and data; the innate musical ability within us all; and how music relates to creativity, technology and innovation. At WHD.global, learn from one of the world’s top musicians how a creative mind-set can take you and your business to the next level. Check out this session and more at WHD.global 2017.