Jurassic Park – Funk Pop – First Look

This year marks 25 years since Jurassic Park
roared into theaters spawning 3 sequels and another out this summer, Now Funko has announced
it’s Jurassic Park figures and they are awesome and we’ve got your first look. First up is the ferocious velociraptor with
it’s yellow eyes, this thing is sure to bring terror to your collection. Watch out, it’s a dilophosaurus, this fanned
lizard like beast is something from your worst nightmares with it’s poiosoness venom. There is a lot of nice detail on this one. Everyone’s fav paleontologist, Dr Alan Grant
with his signature outfit from the movie, he looks awesome holding that raptor claw. Life finds a way to make Dr Ian Malcom look
super cool even 25 years later in his all black outfit and shades… A noticeably slimmer Dennis Nedry is ready
to cause havoc to the park with his barbasol can full of dino DNA. and of course, they spared no expense with
this amazong John Hammond funko figure with his misquito amber cane and all white outfit. This might be my favorite one! The T-Rex also get’s her spotlight with her
own figure, Lots of great skin details here. Like all Funko Pop figures, they have a bigger
head, sadly Rexy will still have to have tiny arms. And you gotta have a Park vehicle for the
T-Rex to chase which features Ellie inside the Jeep. I’m a little confused as to why she isn’t
even mentioned on the box or why she doesn’t get a standalone figure. These aren’t the only Jurassic pops coming
as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is around the corner another line is expected. I’d love to see more Jurassic figures like
a compy, robert muldoon, tim and lex, or mr dna. What pops would you want to see? leave a comment down below and hit that subscribe
button as we continue to cover more Jurassic World news right here on fyrtv.