KATY PERRY’S MUSIC (Funny Friday Videos!) [] Bits of Real Panther

What do you say? What do you say? It’s Friday!!!! Hey there, it’s Shawn here, also known as Bits of Real Panther. I hope your day so far has been nothing short of golden. I would like to welcome you to episode number 20 of “FUNNY JOKE OF THE DAY” /
“The Friday Funny (Katy’s Perry’s Music)” video series. That is right: episode number 20! They grow up so fast , don’t they? And speaking of 20, Kirk Ferentz is on his 20th year as head coach of the University of Iowa Iowa Hawkeyes. Coincidence? I don’t think so. As for this video, it will today be a little bit unique as it is quite literally all about me. I’m gonna give you 5 fun facts about myself, following by an original Bits of Real Panther joke! But before all that of course we must set this YouTube torch ablaze with the Friday funny breakfast. Today I will be drinking tequila rose. All the memories this brings back — let me tell you! While I appreciate each and every one of you lovely, lovely people out there, today’s drink goes out in particular to those people who have been with my channel for a very long time now… most namely Madison Harlow
aka Madison makeupnmacabre. who was one of my 9 first subscribers. I believe the other 8 are no longer even on YouTube, So I certainly appreciate each and every one of you! Here’s to you guys! Happy Friday, friends! Oh, it it’s slimy! I like it though! OK, 5 fun fact about me: #1: At age 26, I purchased my first house in full. #2: I cannot blow bubbles with bubblegum even
though I’ve been trying to learn how for years. #3: I absolutely hate opening gifts in front of people. #4: I cannot remember the last time
throughout my entire life that I was bored. #5: I am one of those rare people who is inclined
to use both hemispheres of the brain equally. So there you have fun facts about me. Lastly I’m gonna wrap this little thing up here with
an original Shawn / Bits of REal Panther joke. When I give you the punch line of the joke, please rate that joke on a scale of 5 through 5 and — I’m just kidding — a scale of 0 through 5 and then post
that rating in the comment section below. OK there, Raspberry Beret, are you ready for the joke? Do you know what I like the best
about Katy Perry’s music? Her boobs! Please rate that joke on a scale from 0 through 5 and have a great Friday, friend!