Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano Demo | Better Music

Hi, I’m Rudi from Better Music. I’m just here
today with the Kawai KDP90, which is Kawai’s entry-level home piano that sells very well
– it’s a lovely piano to play. It suits pretty much anyone who wants to have a go at playing
the piano, primarily aimed at perhaps a starter or someone who’s a bit more intermediate,
but it’s got a beautiful touch. They use Kawai’s advanced hammer-action, which has a very very
nice feel, it’s graded from the top to the bottom, so it’s heavier at the bottom and
lighter at the top – just like on a real grand piano. The sounds they use are meticulously
recorded from the Shiguru Kawai concert grand, using their very high-technology – it’s called
harmonic imaging. It’s Kawai’s own techology for recording sound, which produces a very
clear and crisp, and very accurate rendition of an acoustic piano. Also, with that technology
it features 192 note polyphony. Polyphony is the amount of notes that the piano can
play at once. Because Kawai multi-sample all the notes, on multiple levels it takes up
a fair bit of memory, and with 192 note polyphony you can actually play it, it won’t run out
of notes and the piano will perform really, really well. So, I’ll run through a couple
of little features on the KDP90, just perhaps show you a few of the sounds and you can get
more of an idea. You heard the piano sound to start with, that’s the concert grand piano.
There are some other pianos sounds in here as well, so we’ll go over the next one, which
is a classical piano. And again, just some of the other sounds… Electric piano… Yeah,
I like those sounds, they’re some of my favourite, as you’ve probably seen on my other videos,
electric pianos are cool. Just a few more sounds… So that’s the Hammond organ. Quite cleverly,
and unlike a lot of other manufacturers, Kawai have allowed the left pedal on the piano to
control the rotating speaker or Leslie function of a Hammond organ, so you can actually… Very, very cool indeed. Also, some very nice string sounds. You can also layer those sounds
together, so you can have piano and strings at the same time. So that’s just a few of
the sounds, you’ve got 15 sounds in total on the piano. They’ve also got some very high
definition reverbs, so the piano sounds are sounding very realistic and you can have hall,
you can have a room reverb – so, recreate the acoustics of a particular room. Also built
into the piano is a very accurate pedal system, so the grand piano pedal actually feels like
a real grand piano, the actual mechanism, the feel is very accurate. So, that adds to
the experience of playing the piano as well. You’ve also got some built-in lessons, so
some of the Alfred’s lesson books, which you can buy from our sheet music department, they
have the actual songs from those first two or three books inside the piano, so you can
play along with them. Also, you’ve got a recording function in the piano, so I can very easily
record anything I want to play. So let’s just quickly do that… And then I can play that
back… So, a little bit of fun can be had there and of course very handy for learning
as well, because you can record left hand and play along with right hand. So that’s
most of the features that we’ve got here on the piano, so again, this is the Kawai KDP90.
It’s available in this rosewood finish, it comes with a stool and it’s a very good piano,
very good seller and it’s at a very good price as well. If you want to check it out, come
into the store, have a look on the website, and if you want to subscribe to the channel
– you’ve probably seen some of the videos we’ve been doing – but again, we’ll be doing
many more, so just press the little button on your screen right here, and you can see
more of the videos. Thanks for watching. See you later.