Kawai MP7SE Virtual Technician by MeX (subtitles in 8 languages)

hello guys then I wanted to talk a little
bit better than the Virtual Technician Kawai. All these models have in
them, this is what l ‘MP11SE, This former the ‘MP7, okay, even all those of past generations have to available to the virtual technician
which is really deep as model mentality of editing, because in reality
if we want to get into specifics, I have the opportunity to change
many behaviors. one I wanted to tell you is that this thing
can then add really dynamic wing, equalizer, compression, so it is a
bit more complex than the speech, It is much more varied. now clearly the
basic, technician allows you to change First the voicing that is precisely the
piano voice and then voicing the voice darker here you feel it is not an equalization It feels like playing in
a way that dynamic … It varies with the dynamics of … is interesting …
this is a bright then there’s bright 2 which is even more open … now I go back to normal, there They are all that are
then string resonance I can increase it or take it off now this depends a little
on your needs, the same thing for the damper resonance that… You feel how do you feel if I
put it to 10 at the most … clearly I recommend you listen with
headphones, if you feel clear, every time I see account to say things like They were orders, but they are absolutely. Then there are also aspects of
a more complex while that concern what is called Undamper Resonance … there are parameters such as Key Off,
Damper Noise, all these things then … basically the delay of the
hammer that is, how late you when you play This is interesting because it also changes the feeling of relationship with the button, it is interesting the escapement … and what
is open and closed feel that by opening and closing clearly the top board, the lid opens and closes the sound comes out as ‘nose’
or less ‘nose’, and then one thing interesting is the
stereo recording so we are completely
stations are wide we can choose what
dose the width This is interesting because you can give more
focus to the sound. Now in the case of Main piano, that is recommended
when we say turn on the Kawai, I really
like it actually also the SK5 which is a very
much more tool Lingerie say Now I raise my reverb with this tool you can get, I go back to the Virtual
Technician for example, I put the voicing of normal I begin to to work for a while to find a room that is not done, however
glare, but the resonances sounds here is these are possibilities that I
think are not considered particularly up the right for example is very
interesting and can become also interesting to him because closing the stereo, hear how it changes the room where he is, maybe I’m
biased, oh well, however you understand changing their environment, without reverb
because then I took it off and is equal reducing the stereo for example cans
a little sound, however, happen interesting things. All these
are aspects of Kawai if fundamental if you want to take advantage
of, especially if used in study all these things here have a remarkable yield.
These are characteristics which according to me, I They make being a great tool for
quality price, because I want saying all these
things, I speak of mp7se that
the keyboard anyway is not beautiful, so still than that
it was for you to understand that here too, if you wish, you can
explore and get away, you can find the fascinating things, the fascinating worlds
in the headphones, it is beautiful and funny. I greet
you guys, a hug hello hello