Ken Burns Effect in Avid Media Composer

You can Pan and Zoom within a hi-resolution
photographic image using Avid Media Composer to simulate the ‘Ken Burns’ effect. To do this, edit a clip to the timeline. In this case, I’ll choose 5 seconds of color
bars. To video content of the clip isn’t important,
you just need a clip within your sequence to get started. Navigate to the effects tab within the Project
window. Look for the Pan and Zoom effect under the
image category. Drag the Pan and Zoom effect onto your clip
in your sequence. Next, press the effect mode button to launch
the effect editor window. Click on this button in the upper left corner
of the effect editor window to choose a hi-resolution image. Select your still image, and press the choose
button to continue. Adjust the zoom factor slider to focus on
a particular area of your image. Then adjust the position of the zoom within
the record side of composer window. Next, click on the last keyframe within your
clip segment. Now move the zoom factor to a new position
that you would like to focus on. Now go back to the effect editor window and
adjust the zoom factor to where you want to end up. To see the results, change the display menu
to target. For a smooth film style look, change the filter
rendering to gaussian. Then go ahead and render the effect. Okay, check it out! For other tips like this or to enroll in a
Media Composer training course, visit