Keybo.X Prototype by MeX (subtitles in 8 languages)

hello guys then extra edition
because I have allowed to get a sneak Keybo.X that’s pretty much this pedal you will, in the future when it will be finished
when everything is to perfection, the play Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet two
models of the Rhodes Mark 1 and Mark 2 (Inter alia, the Mark 2 I), in reality
this is a prototype so we available only the Mark 1 for now,
a volume, reverb that can be remove. we say it is a very
small portable Rhodes to be connected to any MIDI signal
source, then we can use a weighted keyboard, a non-weighted keyboard,
any slight thing, heavy whatever we want. The other peculiarity of this machine,
which is very interesting, It is linked to a an old video
I made where I was trying to use keyboards I used as a Rhodes that is
passive, that is, in the sense that He comes out with an output as the
guitar or bass, for instance interest expense of course, to get into the
pedal and the amplifiers (I was a Reamp I had a whole
speech). Here we say that this small box you see
that it is actually very robust, It lets go to the amplifiers,
the pedals and this opens all a world. The idea could be either to put it here where I’m
doing now, or put directly inside a pedal, with the pedals
that interest will be coupled to the sound of Rhodes, Clavinet, the Wurlitzer, and can be Wha Wah, distortion, tremolos, fazer and
so on and so forth, and get with the keyboard and
pedals. Keyboard, pedals and amp, go with this directly …
for example I tried with Logic to use its preset say, the
amplification settings and pedals, enter the card and
clearly select instrument because it acts like a guitar
and then to have an adequate level, and thus also
the response of amplifiers, also virtual ones, will be adequate
say. Here’s what you heard introduction is the basic sound,
now we use which is actually the most exciting of this pedal.
First I want to thank Emidio who contacted me felt
by friends and asked me to try it and tell him what I thought,
what are the things that still They are being developed, and
those which may be of further stages of development. So before
we talk about these topics I want you to understand a little what
is the meaning of this thing. outstanding issue concerns the fact that
this is a kick starter. The creators are trying to promote their product, and
in some way to produce it and then, since missing 15 days after the
kick start, where no claim clearly to arrive at the figure he
needs, but maybe to find someone to give him a hand, they asked me if you make
the video before maybe talk about it. I Ve I talk about it: you will find this
prototype in development and if you want help you buy it before it
is produced, as with all kickstarter. I say this because
I found a Emidio … person is a gentleman … is not a boy, so it has the same approach modern but also ancient time, it seemed
like a very honest person and so short, I believe that help is a good
thing for anyone who was willing and need a laptop say
in quotes. Now I will connect the amplifier
I have in the closet (as some you know those who follow me), and
we’ll try to use it a bit like if was a guitar, in short, like we
did in the past, but with a tool that is already set up to do it … here is this was an example of
a use of my pedals, there is a distortion, a delay, I used the wah
wah, I can eliminate distortion, use a tremolo simply by adjusting the
pedals as I prefer This is a Small Stone, then of course
now we are still in the process design, this is the idea of
​​primary use, I repeat the that has this format is very smart
because you can actually coupled with the pedals, or you can put as said above the keyboard in this way to have it all. It will change the
sound of Mark 1 and Mark 2, and Wurlitzer Clavinet in this way. They told me
that all samples will be theirs, They will be the owners of these samples,
and also from the point of view of the development. For example, I called Emidio and me and I told him that
in my opinion, especially when you enter in amplifiers, between this sample and the second layer (the sample that enters with a next dynamic level) I think
there is too much difference volume, we spoke clearly in terms
of constant improvement and development. They even asked
me to participate and I I’ll do it, because for those who have played the Rhodes like me going around with those of true, it clear all know what it is when
we speak of a real Rhodes … For many reasons, however, the ability
to have these sounds in this mode Use live, but also in the studio, because
actually in the studio with pedals amplification can make beautiful things.
I have the feeling I have is that the basic sampling is
beautiful, it is tasty, for example this is the distortion
channel Amp … if I want to give acute or not I have a chance to
use that normally in keyboards is internal in all the Stage, is
a work that we do internally to try to achieve that kind of sound,
here we can do it with a approach that is traditional yet modern
at the same time, because we can go around with you is a Master at 73 but
also 61 small buttons so that there you are standing on, or put it in the
pedals and we play and we have a Rhodes two models, one Wurlitzer
and Clavinet at hand with this, and all we want
we can put around choose us. Again when I talked
about this issue, I think the dynamic levels, he made it clear to me immediately that all these things we can do together,
that the amount of layer possible may increase. They
started from this which is say the basis on which more or
less are moving within the market, but they are going to have or to make
an instrument that is more effective, if possible, to those who are there, with this background idea. I wanted to make a little more philosophical
speech, Rhodes is a tool that will always be fashionable, but clearly
we are now in the period of synthesizers, Korg then, the Volca, all these things
that really are super portable and have an answer that is true analog
synthesizers, because are analog, the analog is even
Volca throughout and is a tin so and the size is the same, however, it makes the Rhodes, the Wurlitzer and Clavinet. If this tool is allowed to be developed
and get to have a sound even more convincing than what
is now improving all the time, we can really get to
have the same result sound that we can have with that kind of
machines and in a different context but a different sound sphere. Now it is clear
that in the case of analog synths, rather than other instruments
such as drum machines we can actually play the thing
for what it is, not a Rhodes you can get smaller, you can not
do little to sound just as it is conceived, but if you make such a tool,
which can be used in this way with this freedom of approach and also personal
development of their sound, the its sound, because that is the
most important thing … If you make a tool so everything becomes interesting
and accessible to all in quotes (now I do not I know the price I would
not be stupid) I hope that my preview can serve and
be of interest to those who are loving these tools because it is not just
a Rhodes, but is also a Wurlitzer and Clavinet. Last thing I wanted to tell you
is that the output level by the way is so manageable this
to also facilitate approaches of the various tools that
will be in, because I am now more or less reached a level that
is what you normally have when Use the Rhodes and saw that the answer
was the same, but if I were to use a Wurlitzer probably touch him (I would change). I thank you as always greet you I leave you with a bit of agreements and maybe even a little rock and roll why not