Leap of Faith Broadway Musical – Performances and Interview with Composer Alan Menken

THE LIGHT”] The hint I always give people
about being a successful theater writer is get
out of your own way. It’s not about you. It’s about the story. It’s about the characters. How one should start is
structuring how you’re going to tell a story through song and
having that concept really clearly worked out and then
filling in the pieces– book, music, lyrics together– as much as possible. Leap of Faith is the
medium of revivals. This is a show that really
has something to say. And I saw the potential in the
movie that Janus Cercone wrote to tell that story. And now we’re really getting
a chance to bring it to the stage in a very theatrical
way. The changes have been within the
context of storytelling, reinstating a number here,
taking out a verse there. But the major work happened
between June of ’11 and November, when we just
overhauled this entire piece. And I don’t know how Warren
liked it, because Warren was working full time on
Law and Order: SVU. And Glenn and I were slightly
burned out from LA, and how were we going to turn
this thing around. And it was an incredibly
dynamic, creative process. We just opened it all up and put
it back together and said OK, what have we got? And when we put it all back
together, it was different and so much was improved. I was amazed. [MUSIC – “I CAN READ YOU”]