LENSBABY Composer Pro II BENDING camera lens with EPIC Bokeh

(light music) – What’s up! My name’s Nick Wichman and I
wanted to share with you all a couple of really
interesting cool lenses. Lensbaby’s Composer Pro II, this bendy little gizmo down here with their super-dope Edge 50 and their Sweet 35 lens. I’m gonna get into these
and show you some examples of what they could be used for and how they’re kind of dope! Let’s get into it. (upbeat music) Lensbaby is a brand
out of Portland, Oregon where I’m from and they
make lenses for your camera for all the camera types
that do really cool stuff. This Composer Pro II is
just this base thing. Look at that! I can see right through it. It’s really kind of crazy but what it does is it articulates. It wheels around and bends all over to kind of shift the focus on your shots. They call this an optic swap system where you can pull out the optic which is the actual lens part and swap it out into the Composer Pro which does all the wiggle. Lensbaby lenses are made to
be used as an artistic effect for your photography or for your film. It’s an effect that is really unique and it’s all in camera. So instead of throwing on a
bunch of dopey filter effects or something in Premiere or After Effects or whatever you’re using, you do it right here on the camera. The lens is the effect. The Edge 50 is a 50 millimeter lens that is designed to cast a
bar of focus across the image. And a bar of focus can be rotated by rotating the Composer
Pro II front element with the manual focus as well. All of these are manual focus. The edge casting that bar
of focus across your lenses is a really cool effect and it takes a little bit
of practice to figure out how to master and how to control it and the best way to use it. As you’ll see in some of this footage, being able to really see
where the focus line lays across the image or the video
is the biggest challenge. But it looks dreamy and
cool and it’s really fun. You can get the Composer Pro II with the Edge 50 as a package
for like $400 bucks from them which for an artistic lens like this, if you’re shooting really moody stuff, that is, that’s not a bad deal at all! It’s developed right here in Portland. I love it. Now, it’s easy to swap out these optics. Just push in, pull it out, boom! The optic is out. Be careful to put that somewhere where it’s not gonna get all scratched up cause both front and back
glass are accessible. You take the Sweet 35, plop it in, push it, twist it. Golden. Now the Sweet 35 is a 35 millimeter lens instead of using the Edge
which is focused on a line, a single edge of focus, the Sweet 35 is much broader, circular and as you particulate the Composer Pro, that field of focus shifts in a circle which is very cool. The Sweet 35 is a great
all-around lens for shooting, I feel like you had
less effects than Edge. The Edge is a really strong effect but the Sweet 35 is kinda, it just lives up to it’s name, man. It’s just the Sweet 35
millimeter lens that can add that glowy, soft focus and shifted focus into your shots. Photography is easy with this stuff. You shift it, you manually
focus it and boom! You’re off. It’s great. The video is a lot more challenging. You gotta get your focus set. You gotta be real stable. The reason I think that
these lenses are so cool is that it puts the
control back in your hand, the creator, the creative. You get to venture out and find ways to make this shine and then manually put it all
into the settings you want. The twist for that aperture and you can see right through there, boom. You set your manual focus and you focus it with the focus ring and then you can shift
the focal distortion by moving the Composer Pro body. This one is Sweet 35, the bad boy Composer Pro and the Edge 50. This video wasn’t sponsored by Lensbaby but they did let me take
these and borrow them to play around with. I really encourage you
guys to check this out. Go to your local camera
shops and try em out. And if you hit up Lensbaby, they’re down in Southeast Portland. Just go see em! They’ll show you around! Artistic lenses are a great way to get out of the creative block of using the lens that can do everything. By setting restrictions
on the way you create and using the lens that
can only do certain things, like these are artistic lenses, so you’ll probably not going to use them to go film a corporate
interview or something. That’s just not really reasonable but when you have a lens that
is designed to create hard and hard, cool, twisting edge of focus, it gives you restriction that your mind can find a solution for that’s really fun and epic. It’s refreshing, man. My good friend Andy Batt,
from Andy Batt Studio, he’s been shooting an
entire personal project called Bad Choices. He shot a ton of footage for
his story with Lensbaby lenses and it was so cool and refreshing to see this really artistic
effected style shot in camera and it creates an ambiance of a story that is really hard to do in post. Cheers to Lensbaby for
letting me try these out. They’re so cool. Would you guys try these? Would you guys go out and
shoot on a wiggly tube lens? It’s feels kind of goofy
to be shooting out like twisty angles but the light, it can kind of
reflect into the lenses. Really cool and it’s really fun. Lensbaby Sweet 35, that dope Edge 50 and the Composer Pro II. Epic! Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy this. If you liked it, hit the
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Instagram @nickwichman and I’d love to see it. (hand claps) Sweet! (upbeat music)