Lensbaby Composer Pro with Double Glass Optic

Create a sweet spot a focus in-camera and access the fun and the
Accessory Kit with the Lensbaby Composer Pro with
Double Glass Optic. This 50mm manual focus lens is available for interchangeable lens
cameras. The Composer Pro Double Glass Optic swivels and tilt on a
smooth metal ball and socket design. Giving you a simple and intuitive way to
experiment with selective focus photography. The Composer Pro with Double Glass Optic
is ideal for capturing memorable portraits, amazing macro shots, getting creative
with your travel snapshots, or adding some extra motion blur to
adventure sports photography. There are many ways to creatively
position the sweet spot of focus. Try bringing focus your subject’s face,
magnifying the details of your favorite flower, experimenting with shallow depth of the field
in architectural shots or catching an athlete in action. Use
the aperture to control the size of your sweet spot a focus. Large apertures create a small sweet
spot that falls off into soft organic blur, while small
apertures create a large area of high contrast tack sharp focus. To change
apertures touch the magnetic tip of the aperture
tool to the aperture disk. Lift out the old disk then drop in a new one. Loosen the locking ring to tilt the lens and move your sweet spot of focus. Once you’ve got the hang of it add some accessories to explore more
creative options. With the Accessory Kit you can swap the
regular apertures for a creative aperture to change the
shape of your out-of-focus highlights add macro filters to magnify tiny details, or attach wide and telephoto adapters to change your
field of view. Whether you’re shooting portraits, macro, or your adventures use the Composer Pro
with Double Glass Optic to play with photography and create extraordinary images. See in a new way with Lensbaby creative effects camera lenses.