Lights Rays for Media Composer titles

You can create stunning title effects using
a light rays filter from Boris Continuum within Avid Media Composer. To do this, edit a title over top of a background
layer in your sequence. Then click on the effects palette icon within
the project window. Look for the Rays Puffy filter located within
the BCC lights category. Drag the filter onto to your title in your
sequence. Next, click on the effects editor icon. Move over to the effect editor window and
twirl down the disclosure triangle for the title matte. Click on the Apply to Title matte check box. For an added effect, let’s make the text object
itself invisible so we only see the rays shooting out. So let’s set the apply mode to none. Now move over to the Composer window and add
a keyframe at the first frame of your title. Adjust the cross hair position for the light
source off to the left of the screen. You may need to zoom out a bit to position
your light source out far enough. Next, move the position indicator to the last
frame of your title. Then move the cross hair for the light over
to the right side of the frame. Okay, that’s it! Back up and play the effect. For other great tips like this or to enroll
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