Like-new musical instruments for sale to benefit Rio Rancho Schools

IT WAS MUSIC TO THEIR EARS WHEN A NEW MEXICO SCHOOL DISTRICT RECEIVED A SIX-FIGURE COLLECTION OF INSTRUMENTS FROM A NATIONAL NON-PROFIT TO PROMOTE MUSICAL EDUCATION. NOW THAT THE SCHOOL YEAR IS OVER… YOU TOO CAN BENEFIT FROM THAT DONATION AND HELP THE STUDENTS AS WELL. NEWS 13 )S JACKIE KENT EXPLAINS. Tobin Rockley, Rockley Family Foundation Director: Music should be a right for every child to be able to participate in. A MISSION THE ROCKLEY FAMILY FOUNDATION IS STARTING IN NEW MEXICO — BRINGING ITS MUSIC EDUCATION INITIATIVE TO RIO RANCHO PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Kurt Schmidt, RRPS Exec. Director of Fine Arts: The foundation approached us early in the year and outfitted a piano lab here at RRHS and supplied teaching pianos for a lot of our faculty in the district. THEY )RE NOW AMONG THE FOUNDATION )S DOZENS OF PARTNERSHIPS OFFERING INSTRUMENT DONATIONS TO SCHOOL DISTRICTS AND UNIVERSITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Tobin Rockley, Rockley Family Foundation Director: We look for schools in districts that we feel are up and coming and ones that value music education. A SEA OF DONATED, LIKE-NEW GRAND…. BABY GRAND AND DIGITAL PIANOS…. VIOLINS AND OTHER ASSORTED INSTRUMENTS THE DISTRICT USED FOR ITS MUSIC CURRICULUM THIS PAST SCHOOL YEAR… ARE GOING UP FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC SATURDAY… FOR A FRACTION OF WHAT THE HIGH-END MAKERS SELL THEM FOR — TO BENEFIT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. Tobin Rockley, Rockley Family Foundation Director: Having a bunch of instruments, which is basically most are less than a year old with a full factory warranty, and quite discounted from brand new retail and then 45 percent of that is a charitable contribution is pretty attractive for people to take advantage of. THE PROFITS WILL GO BACK TO THE FOUNDATION WHICH WILL SUPPLY (NEW PIANOS TO RIO RANCHO PUBLIC SCHOOLS EVERY YEAR FOR YEARS TO COME. Kurt Schmidt, RRPS Exec. Director of Fine Arts: The electronic pianos, especially, the technology changes every few years, so the fact that we can get new pianos every year and stay up with the technology is a real benefIt to our students. JACKIE KENT KRQE NEWS 13 THE FOUNDATION SAYS IN MOST CASES — A LARGE PORTION OF THE INSTRUMENT PURCHASES ARE CONSIDERED A CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION AND IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE. TOMORROW )S SALE AT RIO RANCHO HIGH SCHOOL IS HAPPENING FROM 2 TO 5 P-M.