Littlest Pet Shop, Lalaloopsy, and Play-Doh Musical Instruments! EWMJ #68

Welcome, Explorers! I’m Mrs. Jon! [sproing] So, we need to make some more instruments
for this band. We’re going to make a drum for the octopus, and we’re going to make a guitar for Lalaloopsy
girl. And, I think everybody else has what they
need. We have a guitar here, we have a keyboard here, we have a mandolin here, a guitar here, drums here, and two singers. So, we’ll do a guitar for her and another
drum for him. Okay, so we’re going to make a big drum.
Okay? We’ll do a bass drum. So we’re going to sort of round that out
and squish it down. And we’ll have the bottom be a little bit
more flat, okay, and we’re going to make the front
of it be white. Here we go! So, there’s a bass drum. And, so we need a guitar for this girl here. Let’s do an acoustic. So, she’s going to need, it’s going to
be kind of rounded here, and it goes in, there we go. Okay, and now it needs – this is a really
big guitar, apparently… maybe it’s going to be too big. I don’t
know, let’s see. There! Now let’s hear them play a song. [theme song with spacey sounds] Did you find my baby chick hiding in this
video? Thank you for visiting me in my kitchen today.
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