Live With Lee: Crave Food And Music Festival

okay save your appetite for this weekend the crave food and music festival kicks off tomorrow here in less that’s right Lee Cruz joins us from Masterson station Park with details Hayley it kicks off tomorrow and some days you guys said and there’s so much to do and see this is the main stage where the music is going to be but somewhere on the six acres I think directly perpendicular to where our location is at the moment there’s also another stage there it’s Risa and Chris or with me by the way and what’s happening over there demos yes that’s our food performance stage it’s gonna be hosted by Next Food Network Star Jason Smith he’s coming in tomorrow both days we have will be the understated gentlemen in a very dull jacket you know we’re looking forward to some exciting jacket changes here yes so we’ll have some dick culinary demos both days okay when does it kick off tomorrow Kristen always start at noon we run till 11:00 tomorrow and noon through seven on Sunday and so many different representations of what the culinary experience in Lexington is right absolutely we’ve got almost 50 vendors here everything from food trucks burger joints Pizza all across the bar to fine dining and I think cuisine and everything in between I say Lexington but there’s also folks representing all the United States I think we got some vodka from where do they come from yeah Austin Betty you know deep Betty has joined us here for the weekend they drove in this beautiful trailer and so it’s a lounge area right by the music stage so you can come on out have a cold drink and enjoy the great jams on the stage here if you got a you got a beloved creature or these guys made it pet friendly because of the Lexington Humane Society’s helping you out yes critter sitters and Lexton Humane Society has joined us this year to do a doggie daycare so you can come on out to the festival park your car bring in your your dog check them into the Humane Society let them play with other pooches come in have some food some drinks and listen some music and then when you’re ready you head on home with your coach if anything though you should make sure you come hungry is that right Chris absolutely there’s over 150 different things to eat here plus craft beer craft cocktails it’s gonna be a good time I think what the average stay a is probably about four hours new guesstimate yeah about four hours have you seen people do the whole gamut though from start to finish oh yeah and they try to eat a little bit of everything and it’s it’s grown ever since it launched itself over where was the Beaumont area I think yeah Beaumont Chris can tell you all about the first year oh yeah our first year was something it’s grown so much since then after our second year we completely outgrew the space and so we came out here where there’s almost seven acres to to spread out and it’s it’s been a great space here and the parking situation what do I do oh it’s your free parking just pull into the park we have lots of parking volunteers from greenhouse 17 they are really there are nonprofit partner and we couldn’t do this without them you know parking help to park the cars and they’ll show you to a spot good luck this weekend guys thanks for talking to me the crave food and music festival again kicks off tomorrow and Sunday if you get a chance to come to Masterson station Park how much cool stuff going on in Lexington especially this weekend yeah and they were telling us they came online with Lee and Hayley earlier this week and they said twenty thousand people come out to crave not all at one time oh you’re not going to be jam-packed in there but that’s yeah this has grown so I can that’s right all right