What’s up everyone? I’m Ola Englund
and welcome to my new video! F***in hell, who calls at this hour? No. Hello guys, I’m Ola Englund and today I’m trying to … Don’t call me again, okay? Good. What’s up everyone? I’m Ola Englund and today
we’re taking a look at the rig of ‘Machin’ Head Machine head Machin What … ? Why did I say ‘machin’? Machine Head of course! Machine Head was one of my favorite bands
during the 90s The first time I heard Davidian
I was completely blown away with how brutal it was and it’s still one of my favorite tracks of theirs and
even though songwise I love Burn My Eyes the best the album after, The More Things Change,
has a totally crushing guitar tone Today I’m looking back on those albums and trying
to see if I can get the same type of sound or tone Both albums produced and mixed by Colin Richardson and The More Things Change even has Andy Sneap helping out on it and being an avid follower of the Andy Sneap forum back in the day I learned what exact gear was used on that album Burn My Eyes is a little bit more hard to find info about but it was said that Rob used an Ibanez RG with
EMG 81 pickup, into a Boss SD1 pedal Into a modded Peavey 5150 F*** For The More Things Change album,
they used a tube screamer That modded 5150 into a Marshall with V30 speakers and also, like so many other 90’s albums, there’s a chorus going on on the rhythm guitars F***in hell. Stop that shit. Shut the f*ck up already! Turn everything off, idiot. Okay, we’re back, awesome. Now, I personally always had a problem with
Peavey 5150 and EMG pickups because I always thought they sound like shit
when I play through them And whenever I hear someone else playing them,
I love the tone but the minute I plug it in they sound like shit It’s the curse of my picking technique
and my finger tone I guess So, this video is not only about achieving the
Machin Head … Machine Head’s guitar tone But also to face my biggest enemies when it comes
to gear: the 5150 and the EMG 81. So, in this demo I’m using a Solar A1.6 Artist loaded
with an EMG 81 pickup Into an Ibanez TS9 tube screamer, into a regular Peavey 5150, into my Hesu 2×12 cabinet with Demon Speakers and i’m micing it all up with a Beyerdynamic M160 So, obviously I do not have a modded 5150, but let’s just see how close I can get anyway Also, I’m just hoping that this won’t sound like shit like I usually do with this amp and pickup combo, so let’s go. So, the settings I have right now are the same settings
I used for my Davidian cover video If you haven’t seen it already, link up here, okay? and something I recognized when I compared
the album sound to the sound I was getting Is that the overall album sounds have
so much less mids going on You know, that honking “Ngruhngruh” sound
around 800 to 1000 Hz Usually that appears when you add a classic overdrive like this one, and you dime the tone knob. I don’t know what they did, but maybe they modded the amps so the mids wouldn’t respond the same. I don’t know. The way I set it up for the Davidian cover was basically trying to dial in the tone, the tone knob
of the tube screamer And respond with scooping the mids on the amplifier And that’s how I kind of came to the conclusion
to use this sound So, the resulting sound is this. I think it sounds pretty close and I actually think
it sounds pretty awesome and my finger tone does not totally suck. If you try to play together with the songs on
Burn My Eyes with your guitar it seems like it’s always slightly out of tune
with the official tuning of the song You know, it seems like it’s always slightly off
to the standard tuning they probably tuned to something else, you know, rather than 440 hertz as a reference just like Pantera tuned using 445 hertz as a reference Anyway, Davidian is tuned somewhere in between drop C and drop B, not sure why. But this guitar is in that range, so … I like this sound a lot, it’s awesome. Okay, let me see.
Can I play another Machine Head song? Okay, I’m gonna shit a little bit … Okay, what song? Oh, yeah, I know one.
I want some more gain to help me out, okay? Okay, I got it Yeah, i think it sounds really good actually Okay, so here it is without the tube screamer. Still chunky and you know … saturated. And the tube screamer Just gives it a extra little push, that’s just so small. Such a small little push that goes, you know,
just like this to the sound Oh, if you’re wondering why the amp is really quiet it’s because I have a Fortin ZUUL noise gate back here with a really short patch cable So it’s … Oh, there it is. Look, it’s very short, so … hanging in there, okay? Okay. There you have it. I must say this sounds pretty f***ing good to be honest This particular EMG 81 is an old one and yeah I think it sounds a lot better than, you know, a lot of the newer ones I’ve tried as of late And yeah, maybe that’s the reason why I think
it sounds good this time, I’m not sure. Anyway, I hope you liked this video. If you haven’t already, check out my Davidian cover.
I’ll link it up here again. Okay? If you liked this video, please subscribe to my channel If there’s another artist that you want me
to make a video like this for leave a comment in the comment section Thank you so much for watching, see you next time.