MAD MEN – ALMA African Girls & Asia Reaction [Official Music Video]

Hi guys hello guys, hi kazakhstan Welcome back AGA as it’s hot The best channel you can ever get for anything and everything Asian, so today we are doing Madmen, Madmen yeah we did a reaction to them in 2018 Lalem, lalem 2018 Okay, so we are reacting to Madmen Lalem Is he coming to take my soul oh i Love this Is this a new song I mean not really but Yeah Oh the hair Aww i love the colors oh my god this person can sing so well oh my God I love his hair, kinda looks like Bala In my country it’s called SUKU yes Oh he’s a pretty boy Oh my god You can’t change but no one told you so That’s it Are they just two, uhm I don’t think so Okay this is the third one Yeah, i love the scenery oh there’s that Why does he have a Japanese look oh that’s a Kpop thing, asians and doing this I like this guy’s get up and his swag ouuu Oh my god his voice Wow I Like the lyrics, i know my feelings are coming to you right now, he said be silent whichever so they’re three i mean i think i’ve seen 4 no we just saw three like 4 this guy and the guy on yellow hair I’m saying normally not in the video guy in black hair and the guy in brown hair kind of Just three guys oh that’s the 4th person okay this guy looks like i will continue on my way alone Pheabian he doesn’t look like that mask he looks like a mask. No I’m going to find the mask and show it to you guys he does oh now they’re 5, that is justin bieber yes this guy hello honey I want him too where are you? Nice i was waiting for them to dance Baby oh my god yes i mean this this moves are very fluid oh okay, very fluid No Tiana you’re telling me he really doesn’t look like that mask he does not So they’re 5 They’re 5 guys This guy has a look from this guy what’s his name from Ninety-One Bala is it Bala Yeah the one yellow yeah he look like Bala he said the apple is in your hands Poetry that was poetry right there that was poetry that was a good song Love the song actually and they are all good looking Yeah Again they have blown us away, they did the first time Now they are doing it again