Madonna – Deeper And Deeper (Official Music Video) Reaction

oh you best do a photoshoot in the middle of your music video yes Queen dude what’s up everybody welcome back into my channel hope it’s having a beautiful day you guys okay first of all I’m back at it again with messy hepburn are we surprised are we really surprised because I am NOT know such as those who pay close attention to detail you may be noticing right now that I’m far away from my camera than usual let’s have all I’d like to apologize for being so close to my camera throughout my YouTube career that must have been a very horrific experience for you guys no seriousness you guys it just gives me more room to move about and do this whatever I’m doing so as some of you may know I didn’t ride a car full album of reaction on my channel and you guys told me before I get into the girly show tour reaction I should react the final two music videos that I haven’t seen yet from this album so today we’re gonna be reacting to deeper and deeper and fever yes to music videos in one video I just thought to myself I don’t want to separate these two videos I’ll just include them in bold do you guys we’re about to get into this reaction of right now but before we do if you do end up enjoying this video don’t forget to smash that like button in fact especially in three seconds together you ready three two one smash that like button topic it subscribes you in the family will sit up against enemy requests in the comment section down below about Barbara Duke let’s get into this video let’s take a look at Madonna deeper and deeper let’s go see where our idols and demons pursue you until we lie oh come on okay look at you yes sir York Hollywood oh wait a minute I know that I can tell by the smile and by the face obviously but by that smile at the end there you look you look so good Oh green that hab Matt Tony you are giving me looks I never thought I never thought I’d see you wearing that looked sickening go on yeah oh come on please oh my god this is so fine car everyone is so relaxed if I ever was at a nightclub and I saw Madonna walk in honestly I didn’t even know what I would do I felt like I would just freeze like I would freeze and not know what to do like I wouldn’t even be like I’d be restricted on even speaking like I’ll just be frozen because Madonna walked in we were getting distracted though all those little things you do end up coming back to you Oh yes oh you best do a photo shoot in the middle of your music video yes Queen yeah yeah oh this is why I live for you this is what I live for you come on candles oh my god yes vilified what happened while she is leaving move to the music vogue vogue vogue vogue vogue let your body move to the music I didn’t notice an album review what literally did not notice that I did not notice that vogue ah but uh now all okay oh I fear to cut my balloons you would have been on the ground okay all right guys so that was a fever and deeper and deeper okay we need to talk real quick a fever let’s start off with fever so I have a few questions when she was painted in gray silver should I say in correction when she was painted in silver wearing the silver outfit and the hairstyle the way it was did that mean anything or was that just artistic I don’t really have any more questions apart from that but that music video was very beautiful I really loved the usage of CGI especially for the time that they were in that was really really well done that music video is very simple yet super engaging I mean did you see those outfits and then the cotton outfit oh that was everything I loved the usage of the color red and like the oranges and yellows so beautiful or I guess uh moving on to deeper and deeper first of all I just noticed that there were two references to Vogue maybe more but I just noticed too that I didn’t notice in the album reaction somehow I did not notice it but I noticed that finally in this music video which like that just made me so happy it’s like yes this is a reference to vulva that is so awesome kind of freak out every time I see Madonna in different hairstyles because she just seems to suit every single hairstyle there is um so that was just so awesome seeing her in different hairstyles outfits looks absolutely stunning and like I said I loved how my daughter did that little photo shoot in the middle of the music video that was so iconic like that was everything but you guys said that is it for this video if you did make it to the end don’t forget to comment hashtag Madonna in front of your comments so I can fit her out and see your comment fast you guys don’t forget to let me know what you guys thought about these music videos in the comment section down below you did in the Patronus video don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe stir the family dumping it stay awesome be kind to one another and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye guys