Magical Mirai 2016 – KAITO ドクター=ファンクビート Doctor=Funk Beat nyanyannya [ENGLISH SUB]

May you find happiness Those still searching for the bluebird; ‘Come on, now’ Those who just can’t give it up; in the next life you’ll ‘Get a chance’ And you who can see the bluebird; ‘It’s too late’ Euphoria from masochism in hallucinations… Paranoia Ah, what shall I do Withdrawal symptoms You want happiness? ‘Got it!’ ‘Magic? Not magic!’ All these tricks and devices are ‘Medical!’ The heart, the body, everything, immerse them please A call for me? [Yes, my doctor!] A call for me? [Yes, my doctor!] This, rare wizard, wonderful Great☆Gen-ius! [Get on!] Doctor=Funk Beat Time for my entrance, ‘Ready!’ A famous actor, that’s your conscience, there’s no way it could hurt right? Doctor=Funk Beat How are you feeling, ‘Lady?’ Indeed, reality is nothing but pain Really, go pass on Happy & Happy May you find happiness [Put Midas’ hand to all the unhappiness in the world] To that kind of you I give some medicine [Dumb down!] If even now unhappiness still runs rampant then I wonder when the hypocrytes in this world finally rest hm? ‘Love? Near Love!’ Just a bit more comical The heart, the body, everything, take them in please Are you happy? [Yes, My Doctor!] Are you happy? [Yes, My Doctor!] This miracle prodigy, wonderful Great! Great! Great☆Gen-ius! [Get On!] Doctor=Funk Beat It’s the doctor’s rounds ‘Ready?’ Oh!! It’s a problem of intelligence! There’s no way it will heal then Doctor Help Me, The emergency case is ‘Rowdy!’ If your euphoria isn’t enough then knock some off someone else Happy & Happy Next patient please~ ‘Magic? Not magic!’ [Magic? Not magic!] A warm welcome? Oh grandma! [A warm welcome? Oh grandma!] A call for me? [Yes, My Doctor!] A call for me? [Yes, My Doctor!] Carelessly, even tonight maximumly wonderful this great! Great! Great! Great! Great☆Gen-ius! [Get On!] Doctor=Funk Beat! I had a dream… Everyone became happy, a childish transparent delusion ‘SHOW’ Everyone is unhappy, within that messed up dystopia There, This ‘Cloud Nine’ being stingy is nonsense Come now, you, and you, and you… let’s pass on with this… ‘Damsel In Distress’ it’s finally your turn, oh!! I should of said earlier… Hello hello? If you want to become happy, then head to the name everyone gives praise to; That is; “Doctor=Funk Beat” A Great☆Gen-ius! May you find happiness