Maker camp combines cardboard and computers to create unique musical instruments – Virginia Tech

Student Instrument Maker Camp. And it’s a week-long
program where we welcome middle school
students to our facility here at ICAT. And they spend the week going
through the design process, designing a unique musical
instrument that’s equipped with any number of sensors. And that’s programmed with
a program called Pd-L2Ork that they use as part
of their performance. So Pd-L2Ork is used to do
the digital music composition of their performance. I like the building part a
lot and the computer part. Today, in the beginning of the
day, we worked on the forum. And then after lunch,
we came down here to work on some of the
programming to make it musical. I was making a
sequence of notes play when I pressed a light
sensor and I was also distorting the sound so
it sounded different. We have a mix of staff. It’s composed of some of our
faculty, some of our other ICAT Senior Fellows, as well
as our fellows, some of our graduate students,
we have a few high school students who have joined
us this year on staff, and then we have a
few community members. Guys, what sound do we want
for the pressure sensor? Like a boop boop boop. My part is 3D printing. And I have to tell them
about the 3D, how 3D works, how 3D printers work, and I ask
them to design their own parts. And, after that, then they
model their own parts. They’re going to print
them and they show them– if it works well, if it doesn’t. See that? Do you see the gap? LIESL BAUM: We have some
students who are really, really interested in the design
aspect of the instrument, a lot of students who are
interested in the form and the 3D modeling
aspect of it, and then we obviously
have students who just love the programming
and the circuitry aspect of it. So it’s a really nice mix
of skills and interests. And this is an environment
where all of those skills can work together. [MUSIC PLAYING]