Making A Beat: New R&B Vibe – Trap Soul (Logic Pro X)

hey guys Stefan how recently RnB has been coming back my spec with a twist is back when you trap drums and your cool sound effects I’ve been hearing the style and from a few is actually from a Chris Brown and your branding is your CRS and Justin Bieber yes Justin Bieber and Doc Charles responsible for that and people like micromania is responsible for that and then yeah I’m liking the sound so I thought I’ll go ahead and make a track like that the old-school R&B chords and Oscar are be film but with your modern trap drums and your sound effects okay so as often I’m starting first with my drums and I like to do this and as it sort of sets the president sets the tempo of the track it sets to feel the track I’m using battery for today and I’ve imported my own samples into battery for I’m trying this out for the first time and so yeah it seems to have a wire fire and so it’s pretty good not much lag sometimes you can get a bit of lag okay so you must have heard the lag there and but no worries we can deal with that just contact and highlight it and hit cue for quantizing so a very iconic characteristic of what you would call a track B is the rolling high hats now how I did this is I used the arpeggiator built in Logic Pro X to access this arpeggiator I simple literally you click let’s remove this one so you can see you click on MIDI effects first one down arpeggiator and I put the roll I put the rate sorry to 132 which is 1/32 I think I would say 1/16 1/32 I don’t know you tell me anyways so that’s what I did which in turn took my hi-hat from this to this so with that now I recorded it in okay so that’s what I was my first role and then I added another hi-hat with another arpeggiator but this time I made it one eighth triplet and for the rate so this sounded like and so that sounds like this okay so you can hear what I did there I played the hi-hat but every time a role came up I stopped playing and then when they’re all finished I came back in again so that creates the illusion that it’s actually one hi-hat doing all three parts and what you can actually do if you want to control all three hairs together you can then highlight all free high hats press command shift + D and then create a summon stack this summon stack and you can name it hi-hat and now you can control all three high hats on one fader I then added a clap so that sound was already loaded in wonderful okay so after that I then added a open hi-hat and to play on every first kick alright lastly for the drums I then I’m like I heard her and a lot of these R&B joints now a lot of that sound effects and then they sound pretty cool so I found one yeah that’s the one and I added that into the beat so what you can do now for the drums to stay organized and also for your mixing process you can highlight all the drums and do command shift and D again and then create a summing track cool that drums right and click and add a pretty picture so I like to do and then just close that up there’s your drums out of the way finished okay so after the drums are finished it was then time for me to work on the chord progression now I’ve been listening to a lot of these tracks that I’ve previously mentioned your Chris Brown’s and CRS and so on and so forth and a lot of the the chord programs that they were using were very Airy and modern it wasn’t the usual like EPS they used for R&B and so in so forth um so I found this pad that I like okay so once I found my sound I then came up with a chord progression reminiscent of the old-school R&B sort of sound a minor F major D minor and then a G sharp diminished so once I’ve done that I then highlighted it and quantized as usual but with this one I and what I like to do now is just to make sure there’s no gaps in my cause I didn’t want any gaps in my chords so I highlighted all the notes or command a and then right clicked on a on a note and then I went to trim no end to following notes force legato and then keep so what this does now it just stretches out all your notes to the beginning of each chord so it works almost like a sustain pedal but without the sustain pedal MIDI information and also if you notice I have this velocity processor up this is another MIDI effects so you can click on the MIDI effects section and R at the bottom your velocity processor and what this does is that it controls diversity of your sound but why I do this well firstly let’s look at velocity what is velocity velocity is the intensity of the note how hard you hit it soft hard and I don’t know if you can hear that but there’s a different timbre a different sound that’s processed when you want hear soft and when you to hit it hard and you don’t always want this moved or sounds say I’m playing a chord progression I want all the chords to sound the same if I’m playing them at different velocities each chord which sounds slightly different so why did I grab the velocity processor and I set the value to 83 so what that actually does it means that no note can go over the value of 83 in terms of velocity this keeps my chord progression soft because I don’t want it selling harsh and hard at times it keeps it level almost works like a compressor so I use its velocity processing with all my simps to keep every note sounding even and perfect when you’re making pop and I say pop in the broader sense of just popular music and there’s that element of perfection that is that is required and this velocity processor helps achieve that for me so what I had done that I then added a harp sounds pretty doesn’t it if I do say so myself and that comes about from just a natural sound of the heart but I’m also I’m trying to emulate how a harpist would play it I download the technical term and if you know the technical term please put it in the comment section below I would love to know it actually is and I’m sure my other viewers would like to know way it’s called wicked so that’s the heart there I then and added a base just to glue it all together you know so I want to be kick to be prominent in his track kick and that that high hi-hat but Shh because that like gives you this groove that gives it its ride and I’m the swagger about this track so the base is something that I needed to be underneath so I chose a nice soft sabi base that will sit nicely under the kick and we stay in the background that same thing in mind I then came to the piano and with the piano I decided to play the piano but right at the top octave of the keyboard and what’s all the topic quite high up anyway on the keyboard and the reason I did this is because I had a lot of sounds in the lower frequency and the mid frequency range already and there was just no more room for anything like that and if I was to play the piano in the mid range it would have been a thing where when I came to mix it I would have to EQ out a whole of that bass so I’m realizing and I’m learning that think like a mix I think about how each sound fits in with each other there’s no need for me to play the bass notes on the piano because there’s so much bass going on in the song already you know so just a just some food for fall that I’ve come across lately so with the piano again I’m using a simple regression but inversions so for me that those were the main elements from track that was the track now and it was then a case of arranging the track so I can’t came up with a basic arrangement of verse pre-chorus chorus so what I was able to do is was duplicate what I made twice so now I had three from the verse I took up the hi-hat I took out the piano and I left everything tell us then for the pre-chorus I took out the hi-hat also but then listening to it just didn’t get a lift and build in the way that I had hoped so I knew there was one element still lacking and that was something to rise the track and then I searched through my simps my soft stamps and I found found this and this synth and I call it riser because it was literally just rising my track so yeah thanks for watching I’m please subscribe please share this and if it’s helped you in any way you have any questions please pick in the comment section below and if you have any tips for me and tricks and help the strap region please say let’s get a conversation going oh I’m gonna do that