Making Heat With Free Online Beat Makers !!! (Testing Free Online Beat Makers) | Sharpe

Alright guys welcome to the vlog, no I’m just playing. Okay, basically I’m too lazy to set this up with my tripod but today we are… You know what just shoutout to this guy. I know you’re like right up in my face, but shout to this guy for the video idea We are looking at free online beat making websites and we are going to be trying them and try to make a banger so [let’s] Go alright, so we’re here. [we] got four tabs of the best ones I could find the most simple one So we’re going to start with this one And then we’re going to see which one makes the best to beat out of all what is it four [yeah]? I don’t know how any of these work by the way, so You’re learning with me All I did was press a button and the beats already made, whats going on This site is better than my beats what the heck? This website okay, I don’t get it. I don’t get it because the beat’s already made so I typed in Beatmakers online And this is what came up, so these are basically made, so I dont really consider it making the beat I Literally love using the this sound oh because I don’t know why it’s just like the best one. It’s actually dope I don’t know I put that in the song [all] right we’re going to move to the next website. we’ve been on here for three years So the next I guess this is the next website Okay That’s a little fast hold up oooh Okay, hold up, this is like actual beat making I don’t know about you, but Imma have to take a step away from Fl [studio] and uh focus myself on the basics which is Online beatmaking. I’m just gonna get rid of everything I have for FL studio’ I’m just [gonna] use this website from now on. I hope you guys understand Yeah, this beat is wack though. [I] need something. Where’s the trap sound? oh Okay, I want some trap sounds though where they at baby, baby okay, we’re gonna go to this side, whoa this side looks so well built whoever made this congrats [you] made the worst website, so That’s ugly really, nigga That was beautiful like I said, I’m taking a step away from FL. And I’m just gonna Okay, this is like Okay, this is like Lochia saying I wes started Hold up, okay. I need a clap. I’m trying to make this a real [thing]. I know [oh] [build] us. We got real sound Okay, if you want this to be just battle Beyond the website. I’m not even kidding. I need a better sound that [C6] If you can’t afford an actual would like because I’m not even kidding This is like an actual step sequencer, so if you can’t afford Fl studio, you could technically get familiar with Something like it and this is not too bad [I] mean the sounds are a little bit about cheeks, but um other [than] that This is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen this seems to be off the unit, [okay] So this one it just loops. I’m sure you can record yourself on this one. I’m not sure this one Yeah, that one’s a good one too guys this one is low-key not too bad the only thing I would say is that you can’t Change the velocity or like you can’t mix obviously online [in] tree, but a let’s take these sounds down Yeah in conclusion I have to say these are not too bad Except for this one [like] I said that needs to be off the internet this one’s not that good It’s all techno, and I mean if that’s what you want to do. That’s perfect But this one was it online sequencer net that one’s good I’m gonna like all these down below and then this one if you just want to laugh [I’ll] [be] looking all these down below, but if you did enjoy this video Yeah, leave this [alike], and uh if you’re new and you’re not subscribed, I don’t know what you’re doing Just pause the video right [now] And if I’m still talking right now that means you didn’t listen to me in the video still playing of [course] so if you’re still not subscribed hit subscribe right now come part of the family and if you already subscribed I love you guys try these out for yourself. Send me something on Twitter my photos right here Send me if you can download the sounds and like make something send it to me, but it’s my twitter yeah