Making lo-fi hip-hop with water bottles | Andrew Huang

Hey, it’s Andrew Huang [⭐ Clap ⭐] I just got back from playlist live First time there, I had such a great time Thank you to everyone who came out to the meetup that we had It was so nice to meet you all and chat with you I’m excited today because I’m making a video that I’ve been thinking about for a couple years…? At this conventions you get all this swag and I’ve been saving some of it this is an awesome reusable plastic water bottle that I got a VidCon a couple years ago I like that it’s clear and sturdy, it has a screw on Here’s a new awesome one that I got at Playlist that’s metal, and sleek, and black and cool-looking And then there is this one which I don’t even know if it’s meant to be reusable, I’ve actually never drunk out of it. It’s just like this future plastic bag water container. So why am i excited? Well these are three items that share a common theme and purpose but they’re all made of different materials. I think I can get some great sounds. And as you’re going to hear the amount of water in them can really affect the kind of sounds you can get. So I’m going to set up a little recording station here, gather a bunch of sounds, make some kind of track with them and also release them all as a sample pack for my $5 and up patrons. I’ve got a bunch up there already and there’s always more coming, so check that out. Let’s begin. There’s water in it now. I’m going to switch mics now because of the types of items we’re using. I really want to capture the way that these bottles resonate, not just the kind of slapping hitting sounds that I can get from them, but the tones that they’ll produce as their cavities resonate and also that will change with the different amounts of water that we’ll put in them. I’m going to use my new contact microphone. You might have seen this if you watched my last video, I recorded my chair with it This is an omnia, it was sent to me by “Heart Sound” and they’re sponsoring this video. I’ll put their link in the description. They were explaining to me that it’s actually an innovation as far as contact mics go because it’s the first one to use an accelerometer and I don’t understand how that works but if you have any ideas let me know. It’s also cool because the preamp opens up and you can see all this cool stuff inside. So anyway I’m going to stick this on here and get a hopefully cleaner and more intimate recording of these bottles The great thing about making this sound pack is that I am really hydrated. I’ve never said this in a video before but I’m kind of obsessed with water. The way that people who love weed are about weed… I want to be that for water I want a hat that says water on it with a picture of a cup. I want to buy all the different water drinking paraphernalia Instead of 420 we have 820 because it’s Eight Two O’ H 2 O you really should be drinking water more than 2 times a day Common misconception: the more water you add to a container, the lower the note will become. A lot of people think it goes higher because it seems like there would be less space for the air to resonate but I don’t actually know how it works the water does more sound This bottle is now empty pretty much and it’s going to be the highest it has sounded I really like the sounds from that bottle it’s like, it reminds me of a kalimba the thumb pianos I just remembered there’s a whole 4th water bottle I have to record An entire one Ta taraRAAA [Air from the bottle] I’ve had some of these water bottles for so long. This is like destiny being fulfilled right now. Allright well I’ve been slapping water bottles for about 90 minutes now so I think I’m going to call it there. Once I sorted through all these sounds I’m going to make a track with them and I will share that with you right now brah I am soooo hiiii… drated