HELLO!! We’re back!! Today we are going to react to Uptown Funk – Dimash. So, let’s start now. Yeah! Bruno Mars (sing along) Why we clap our hands? HAHAHAHA Feeling like in a concert. The song in the fourth episode was sad. Fifth episode … cheerful (sing along) (sing along) PRETTY!! Hot damn! Hot damn! Wow very exciting!! Like a concert. Hot damn! Whoo Whoo Whoo (sing along) He’s very cute. He’s like a happy kid. Look at those guys. But his clothes are too big for him. (sing along) Hot damn! (sing along) Whoo Whoo So cute! Like a kid. Woo look at that. Come on! He looks like is playing the skipping rope. (sing along) (sing along) Eh there’s some more. Did he make a remix? Don’t believe me just watch!! When it comes to Dimash … When it comes to Dimash, high pitched is a must. Why that guy looks familiar to me? OMG his clothes … want to fall off. Wow moon walk~ Auww so cute Everyone looks cheerful and happy like kids. So, overall his performance is so energetic and awesome. What do you think? Dimash is very cuteee as always. Dimash is like a kid. Very perfect. Cute He makes our days happy. Dimash just made my day 🙂 I love you (^_^) If you watch this video, I love you