Managing Apple Music iPhone Downloads (#1516)

So if you’re an Apple music user you probably
download phones listen to on your iPhone when you’re offline. Maybe when you just have a cellular connection
and no Wi-Fi. Or maybe if you have no connection at all
like on an airplane. So in the Music app you can easily do this
say on a playlist. I’ll go into a playlist and you can see the
little cloud symbol there. I tap that and it’s going to start downloading
all of the songs there so I have them available offline. But how do you manage this? I mean after a while it’s going to build up
and you’re going to be taking up a lot of space on your phone with music. So one way to get rid of stuff that you have
downloaded is to tap on where it says Downloads. It’s going to bring up something here where
you can remove from download. Of course you want to be careful not to hit
Delete from Library unless that’s your real intention. Another way to handle it is you can go into
the Settings app and from there go to General and from there go to iPhone Storage. It will take a minute to load things in. You get a little graph at the top to let you
know how much space you’re using for things. So in this case I’m probably using mostly
apps and photos. Then at the bottom you can also see it’s also
loading in each app and how much space everything is taking up for each app. So let’s let that load in. Now you can see here I’m only using a little
bit for Media. Here under Music you can see I’m using almost
8 GB for music. Inside of Music you can see the list per artist
how much I’m using. So I could actually go in here and get rid
of something if I wanted to. So I can tap on something there. I can go right down to the song level. Swipe to the left to remove it or an entire
album or an entire artist. Of course it’s going to just remove it from
local storage. I still have it in my Library for Apple Music. So you can quickly clear things out this way
as well. You can also hit the Edit button here and
use this interface to be able to delete. So there’s a couple of ways to manage what
you’ve got in storage when you’re using Apple Music with offline features.