Mario Maker – In The Hall of the Monty King (Epic Musical Bossfight) & More Music Levels!

*Part of In the Hall of the Monty King Plays* *African tunes* *Frogs theme plays* *epic Pokemon music plays* shit, I’ve got too many cool levels to play so, ermm, Fucking; fucking Kiavik Man,When *stutters* When Kiavik makes a level you play those fucking levels So this is Mr.. Mecka Bowser Bowserla?? Every single level that he has played is… that he has made, has been like fucking incredible. So when he played *stutters again* when he makes a new level you fucking *could you stop that* you fucking get in there and of course, when it’s IN THE HALL OF THE MONTY KING You know that we’re in *stutters* you know that we’re in for a good time We’re not going to get molested at all by this level(O.O) So I’m really excited to see what Kiavik has cooked up all right: IN THE HALL OF THE MONTY KING by The man Himself Kiavik, let’s go *Music starts playing* *Laugther* Oh Shit. Oh shit have it back down. Dude, we have in the hall of the Mountain king playing the entire time. I’m so into that. In the hall of the monty king; I get it. JUMP! Well, this is really sick. I’m digging it; mole autoscroll. You know. It’s always my favorite. Oh, we’re gonna go under here. Oh, he’s coming! He’s coming. He’s gonna come out? COME OUT! Okay? Yeah, a little blind faith jump right there, *Mole in his Hole* What the fuck? That was very unexpected. I didn’t see that coming AT ALL. What the fuck I didn’t see how I died Shh… (whispers)I’m gonna beat it in this attempt, don’t worry… I’m gonna beat it right now. *Carl doing good* GO! uahhh…*Laugther* Fuck I got so close. no, aah I was like oh, I’ll be fine, and then I was like wait, that Mole is gonna fall back down that pit Isn’t it and then it fell back down the pit, and then I was powerless to stop it! *giggle*, to the music WHAT WAS THAT? Oh shit, I didn’t see where to go *Laugther* I thought the mole was going to drop out, and I was like wait There’s a spring there, and then like my brain was like wait. It’s gonna go off the spring and then I was in the spikes. (sad) This is a very fun level to play. Seems very nice and consistent as one would expect from a Kiavik level… I dig ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Get it. I dig Like a mole. *Satanic laugther* shhh..shit a little slow. *Carl tries, fails and mouns* Come on. *Laugth* let me in that Pipe! Ah, I didn’t account for the momentum, Damn it. We’re almost there guys Almost there… Alright in there, please give me a checkpoint Nice! *100-seconds-left-music imatation* *Same Music, but faster* *Loud Laugth* Yes! Yes!(x2) Yes(x3) This is SICK! It’s like the same thing but faster, but lava-y and bigger. DUDE. This is sick. This is Sick. We played DRAM too early. (Yeah, I watch his videos,too) Ah, Shit, I forgot it wait there. This just…This is… okay. I was like you know that first section; first section was nice ‘n chill Kiavik got another trick up his sleeve. Dude, I love how he made the time running out ,like thing -, too *Time running out Thing* *fails instantly* Okay, I need to get a bigger running jump off of that *Mourns* Ahh.. F*uck.. Okay, we got to go really fast right there. in the hall of the spaghetti King? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ooooohhhh.. OOOOOHHH *finally does it* Wuh! Give it to me! Give it to me(x2) uhhh…*fails*f*ck…*Laughter* Damn, it damn. It. Damn. It. Damn it damn it. OOOOh Yes, Edvard grieg hated the song he composed to be a parody of bad music. Oh that’s hil… thats making it even better I’m a seasoned veteran(Thats not what he said, youtube!),he said: “That makes it even better.” (srsly, the youtube algorithm could be much better.) dude, shouldn’t made it so catchy if you wanted it to be bad All right, we good BLAZE IT! No, he..blazed it too fast… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Im dead. Oh! not dead. I should have …*fails* waited okay I need to wait But it’s hard to wait, because the screen is FUCKING ABOUT TO ANNIHILATE YOU and the music is all ominous and spooky man whew Well, I feel like *Laugther* I feel like we have all of our clutch is gone, and we have just entered We have just definitely entered the spaghetti ;The Hall of the spaghetti Hmm hall of the spaghetti King Okay, wait *fails after getting so far* Ohhhohohoh… F*ck. NOOOO! Noooo. *Cool Montage of Carl dying to the beat of the Music* Yeah, at least, at least when he die in his level you died to the beat of the song it’ makes it a lil bit better. F*ck.. I need to come in with MOMENTUM! I need to, I need to swing out to the left on that previous Mole and hit it already coming into some “shpeed” This level took me way too long to clear. Yeah flip face. I’m kind of in that same Kind of in that same boat right now I feel like we got the level down, and we can’t make it happen Gotta get our clutch on ok Yeah, get my clutch on let’s go !! Wait, there’s more?(Q.Q) *spooky effect* *instant fail* Well, Shit, there’s more. I figured It was going to be the end. I’m excited. This looks cool. It looks really cool *Hardbass Guitar starts playing in the Hall of the Mountain king* *Hardbass Guitar starts playing in the Hall of the Monty king* *stops Level* *Rock music playing *F*ck yeah, dude I want Oh my God, it’s a mole boss. Are you fucking kidding me dude? Yes! Yes!(x2) Yes!(x2) Dude, this is like. *STUTTERS*I was like, okay. This is a fun level Y’ know, you know kiavik made a nice thing like you know we do the thing then we do it again faster, the song speeds up. This is a really cool creative fun kiavik level na dude This is this is the fucking kiavik Magic right here dude Let’s fucking go, okay. Fuck it. I’m going to increase. I’m just going to fucking Jackson sound right now hold on CRANK IT *Jumps* *Fails* Well, I’m just going to die anyway. It doesn’t matter so, I think what I need to do is hit the first Pow, and then maybe get back to that starting platform (Yes, exactly, the autoscroller stopped.) Not a hundred percent sure but that looks plausible (It is) Then that’s going to free up the second Pow, *Carl smiling because of the music* Think that’s the right idea. *Giggle*He’s got a little he’s got a little crown on his head *Laugther:* It in the Hall of the metal king? Okay, I need to get a bigger jump off of that and then I’m pretty sure I go back to that starting platform I think I got it. I just need to PERFORM.(In a deep voice) *Carl enjoying the music* It just keeps going, f*ck yeah, f*ck this is sick alright. We’re going to check that on the editor for sure. Alright. This is super sick alright. Let’s actually do this.(We believe in you, Carl) *misses Pow* Oh,Come on Ha ha ha ha F*ck. The spaghetti master! HMMMMMM! wait we got What’s going on? How do I win? (you jump onto the flagpole?) How do I win? HOW DO I WIN? Am I gonna have to jump on the ..? Oh my God, I get it. I get it. F*ck, I get it *Music still playing* F*ck yeah, yeah, get it done, Get It Done! That was amazing. Holy shit. (Now) THAT is how you make a motherfucking boss fight! That got like multiple stages of the boss going on even with like shit opening up and changing I feel like I got lucky beating that in one attempt that was fuckin awesome! Wait, wait. Let me let me let me crack that open in the editor again at the end there I love the winged music block setup, the people have been doing lately Uhmm…. Because they allow you to loop music like that, so you can have a boss fight with looping music Which is just absolutely awesome. (I Agree) I love how he made the bomb he made the flag into the boss there Which is awesome also, holy shit look at how complicated this shit is Holy Crap look at how complicated this is! This is insane man So it’s going to be hitting the bowser’s is that how it makes the sound? *Dies* Well all that only get only to get rekt Scrub. I should be able to Delete these and have it still work, right? I’m not doing this to working out, but we shall try *Notes playing weird Music, certanly not In the Hall of the Monty King* *Laugther* nope You need to spawn the blocks All at the same Time ok, oh Like these oh, I’ve spawn it at the wrong spot. So normally I would come out right here. Okay, okay? I get it. I get it. So I would spawn them like this? Okay there we go there. We go. Yeah there we go there. We go I thought I saw the Pipe, but it was the wrong pipe. Oh There we go yes! yes(x2) yes(x3) Yes! F*ck, Yeah. I beat the first two level Barb Cool, so when you put the music blocks on wings like this see the reason that they’re all scattered like this is because each one Is a different note based on the height in the level so the higher ones here, or higher note but then once they follow the music track they kind of remember where they were before and So that allows you to play all of the different notes even though They’re all hitting the same thing Really fucking cool. That was the last guys that was the last level in my course Bot, I am now filled up my entire course bot, that’s it that means, I’m done I quit Mario maker (Noooo) never playing Mario maker ever again anymore. That was it Yo, nahaway. Thank you for the two months. There’s a couple of biologist had twins they named one, Jessica and the other control The control experiment. Oh my God. Well enjoy that, because it’ll be another 8 months before kiavik posts another level *Laugths* Ha ha ha I feel like I feel like scientists like (like what?) if you like scientists probably use their kids for experiments That they’ve always wanted to know the answer to and there’s no way that you could do it if you didn’t do it on your own kids Yo, composer The man himself with the sub. Thank you so much Well what a perfect time to hop right in To CHRONO TRIGGER FROG’S THEME let’s do it.I love it I love these platforming levels, because a), they have awesome songs, but also b) that hard platforming it’s fun. Oh Oh Okay, going the door okay. *Amazing music starts playing* F*ck, Yeah! My God, we’re just hopping right in with some frog action. Let’s go do the Total Level(right?) Wow, this is hard. It’s hard ! The difficulty spike! *Epic music continues* Oh, can you just OK, got forward? (Help, what did he say?) Okay, now it’s sick absolutely. Oh, we got the checkpoint nice very nice. That wasn’t bad at all! *Epic music gets to quiet part* Fuck yeah. Oh. Yeah. This is my favorite part. Yeah, yeah (JAZZ) *Carl enjoys beautiful music* Okay, I need actually play;I need to actually play. WHEW *Epic music intensifies* *Music stops because Carl was killed by hammer bro* OOOooohhh…*Laugther* He knew! HE KNEW!!! *peaceful part of music plays* *Music intensifies* *Epic music plays while Carl is doing good and mourns* *fails*(Nooo, the beautiful music! ): ) No, Oooh, I was doing so well. I was doing so well (he was doing so well) *Good music continues, carl fails* Shhhh… Aaahh. I think one of the first times that a video game made me tear up actually was Chrono Trigger with frog. I can’t remember exactly what happened. I think it was *Carl gets consored, Robo voice says: *NOTHING TRAGIC F*ck! if you haven’t played Chrono Trigger, Go fucking play it okay? You can’t spoil something. That’s like 20 years old actually you can *Carl doing good to great music* NO! How? I need to wait. I think I’m going I think I’m doing that spot That’s spot actually too fast cuz stuff is not lining up with the arrows Repressed memories wait older than 20 years yeah, alright. God don’t remind me all day. Okay, okay? Fine. I won’t spoil anything I actually can’t remember exactly what happens like I remember *Robo voice again* that Chrono trigger was a good game. and I won’t spoil it but Hey, right, here understand wait a second for that bom… *gets sniped by hammer bro* *INHALE* UUUuuuhhh.. This is why I don’t wait! Oh,I’m..*Laugther* I don’t know what I was doing, but I just held jump for no reason right there. No, I never played Chrono cross I heard that I heard the Chrono cross was like kind of A at the time And so I was worried that it would like spoil the series for me, and I didn’t want to play it I have played Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 6 is probably my other favorite RPG of all time. Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 (His favorite RPG’s of all time) *Carl doing good while epic Music is playing* YES! Oh, what do I do (No Spaghetti, please!) (Spaghetti) Ah,fuck I need to do a later jump ;need to do a later jump *Recording of Carl playing the whole section while the epic music is playing* *Music intensifies* *Carl doing good to amazing music* Ya, key was waiting, right there. LET’S GO! Let’s..*Doesn’t understand the Situation* *Gets bodied beyond space and Time* *LOUD* WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT?*Laugther* What kind of troll garbage was that ‘scuse me? What do I need to do to get in there ???*Misses* NOO! oh my God. WHY? I’m getting scared. I’m getting scared This level’s the Bomb! This ending tho! Okay, there. We go there. There we go *Gets back to start* *Stops because he realizes it* Is this the beginning?( Yes>:) ) IS THIS THE BEGINNING?( YES>:) ) Where’s the Checkpoint? Where’s the fuckin checkpoint? *Actually does it in one attempt* (F) Okay *Accidentally goes into Pipe* *INHALE* WHAT? NO!! I’M IN THE PIPE! FUCK! NONONono.. go back, go back! OKay..*Exhale* *goes into Key door* Holy shit, holy shit You are goddamn troll, sir. You are a goddamn troll.(What did you expect?) What the f*ck was that ? the f*ck was that . I’m just like: “wait, I didn’t hit a checkpoint!” Then I’m like: “wait this looks familiar”, and I’m like:” OH MY GOD, DON’T DIE!!” What the fuck was that? *clears level* We got the frogs suit. We got the frog suit that we were all waiting for My eyes when I when I saw that ending though, I should wait fucker. We got it right here. We got it I got it right here. You’d my eyes when I saw that ending (holds O.O emote into camera) This mug has never been more appropriate (Yes) Was there really a true ending? (Yes (x2)) I didn’t see the true ending (Yes(x3)) I saw that there was that other key, but I didn’t see how to get it Do you have to recruit magnus that’ll be amazing? Oh, that’s why the Magic Koopa was there was like Magus. That’s awesome That was a key you died to get. Oh you had to (moment of enlightment) Oh. with the very end. Oh I think I get it okay. That’s how you get that Okay, so when we got to this checkpoint right here if we had if we had died here We would have spawned right here Let’s uh I see let’s um get the key Where does the key go or is that a different …. *Music plays again* Oh! Oh, just lets you listen to it. So we gonna so you get a nice little*stutters* you get a nice little tour through the level again *Sees incoming troll* Huh? AH, SHIT! WHAT DA F*CK! *End of Part 2, Sese Mueller, 22.11.18* WHAT THE F*CK, you can’t just *STUTTERS* you can’t just throw that out of goddamn notwhere! *Carl tries the Part again and smiles* *actually kicks the shell* Com_Poser, more like Con_Trol (l) ser! *way works out* WHEW *Ice block IN HIS FACE* AAAHHH….. WHAT The…. You are the biggest f*cking troll in the entire world. You’re the biggest f*cking troll Oh my God troll harder, please. Holy shit. I’m picking up this powerup Cuz I don’t f*cking care anymore: I’m Cheatin’ , CHEAT BIG, Let’s go! Dude, I’m getting hit anyway. How do you dodge this Garbage? Alright Guys, I dodged it. *shows take where he cheated himself to the end* Alright, I did it, I beat it. *Laughter* I like it. I like it com_poser I feel like I feel like you’re gay *WHAT* I feel like you’re you’re slowly doing what happens to everybody who makes great Mario maker levels and that is that you’re realizing that no Matter how good your level is, if you put trolls in it, It’s going to be even better. *Right* So I’m glad you’re finally starting to catch on *Laughter* That was super awesome really well-made level really fun. Level really fun platforming really awesome theme really awesome pixel art really awesome trolls *In total an awesome level ;)* Con_trollser has finally reached his final form. Oh,Composer said *Stutters again* donated $5 and says I like putting these replays as level where you can listen without platforming But they’re harder to do in some levels another sometimes the barrage of hammer bros get in the way *Good joke* *Laughter* Yeah, well a Barrage of Hammer bros didn’t stop that like obviously placed fucking rail Ice block that just comes out of nowhere and wrecks your face like you fucking plan that shit doesn’t get out of here. Yeah Push the limit is amazing alright. I don’t know what song is is though Push to the limit let’s do it. So apparently this is requested by Kiavik and when kiavik requests a level you had you just fucking play it because you know it’s going to be amazing so let us Get in here by the way, I believe that com_poser is one of the level creators for two year Mario maker(2YMM) So looking forward to see what everybody’s cooked up for that, too I’m sure I’ve heard the song I saw it on another name for it. Let’s go. I am bad at the music *100-secs left music plays and fills the gap* Huh *Music starts and Carl platforms with the beat of it.* Oh, Yeah, oh, it’s like that’s f*cking spikes com_poser is like the boss man. Actually, does Boss man still make levels? That timing Holy shit. AAAAAAaahhh… man. This is sick *Music with beats by mario continues* *Mourns* yeah, F*CK yeah, that was amazing! *Music continues* *Carl fails* Oh, that’s….*Laughter*, that’s not a big jump Not a big jump not a big jump uuhhmm, Arania. I am probably gonna be done streaming soon. I usually stream between two and four hours I don’t know what’s going on? Oh my God! *Kaizo confirmed* OH, don’t spa…. Holy shit, if I had spaghettied that,YO, first Try! Easy every Time. Alright, this is the…… This is the patented com_poser Playback through the level Salty Runback. Let’s go let’s go for the salty runback. S’Go for the salty runback CRANK IT! *Ups the volume* *Carl enjoys automatic tunes* I’m waiting for the troll *No troll…* *YET.* *>:)* That’s all, no troll. I want a helmet! I want a helmet; I fucked it up. I fucked it up. I’m sorry oh *gets TROLLED by timer* TIMES UP! *HAHA* Fuck I didn’t noticed that. What what does that happen; shit all right get me outta here. We outta here The only troll was me… my MERSION! shit, sorry I do like the idea that the checkpoint can give you a key to swim But it would still be difficult to make some look like red coins like this another really awesome level by com_poser Go check him out. Go check out these levels. He’s got he’s got tons and stuff like this We will do one more composed level because they’re really fucking good.Get some AFRICA HYPE going! D’you have work to do? Yes, I do! *Mario goes to Africa starts* Two percent clear rate surely will beat it in just a few tries*(O.O)* Get some can I get some PooP in the chat and you know what I mean mean?*Africa by Toto starts playing* Some P o, o Capital P In the Chat? *Music starts playing again* *end of Sese Mueller, 1.12.18,22:27* *P-Speed starts and syncs with the music* *P-Speed stops at the exact right moment for the next part of the song to start* *Africa by Toto: * I hear the drums echo in the night. *Africa by Toto: *But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation… *Africa by Toto: *She’s coming in, 12:30 flight *Africa by Toto: *She’s coming in, 12:30 flight *Carl mourns* *Africa by Toto: *The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation Carl: Uhm? *gets crushed by Autoscroll* What the f*ck was that? What the F*ck was that What was I supposed to do? Like I’m gonna die a hundred times getting back there Yo, turtle Pool, thank you for the sup. Really fun platforming with this one *Just wait till you get trolled :)* *Spaghet* Really fun death in this one *Carl learn, chat knows* Shout out to the man, PooBear Did you make this specifically for Poo, com_poser? This is Africa by Toto. *falls into EXTRA long pit to die to the beat of the music* F*ck,*Chuckles*I feel like how that extra-long pit. I feel like is there just to make your death last a little longer *Theoretically, death is an instantanious event, which happens, when either your Brain dies of your heart stops beating, depending of who you are asking. Thus,scientifically speaking, you cannot make someones death last longer, you can only make it be later. In Mario Maker, the only way to ‘make Marios death last longer’, is to have a specific death sound effect playing when jumping into a Pit. By the way, why are you still reading? the Music is great, just enjoy Carl having Spaghetti during the whole Run. * He knew people would go into that pit. You can’t just run,you have to… You have to time all the jumps, I think, unless I’m an idiot *He isn’t* You don’t *Spaghetti*…F*ck… automatically jump off ….umh you don’t automatically jump off of Musicblocks *Yay he finished the sentence.* *Music continues* *Carl, not believing in himself* Ahh. Please(Hoping to get to the Checkpoint) PLEASE PLEASE!!! What the F*ck *Giggles* What the fuck is that death pit? Dude ,com_poser ‘s the biggest troll in the entire world! He’s like “play my beautiful masterpiece; listen to this… look at this like elegantly designed level like such nice platforming such nice tunes for your heart and your soul. GET TROLLED, B*TCH!” Every God damn time! *Actually does it* Okay *Chuckles* *Africa by Toto:*It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you *DEATH* What? What? Why did I die? Oh, do I need to jump over that? I actually like his levels more when I realized they were all troll levels. *Carl doing good to Arfica by Toto* *Shell Magic happening* This is dope as F*ck. *Agreed* *Does it, the Song ends* *Beats it in an unintended way* Haha, why the F*ck am I alive? Okay, let’s do the, let’s do these secret troll exits now. Let’s do the death/def troll exit *Giggles* I thought I was dead! I was totally f*cking dead So we die after the checkpoint enough *Music plays* Lets us enjoy some nice african beats *Africa by Toto:*I hear the Drums, echo in the Night. *Africa by Toto:*But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation *Africa by Toto:*She’s coming in, 12:30 flight *Africa by Toto:*The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation Yeah, I love the repeating Pow.’S really cool. All right, no trolls YET>:) *Africa by Toto:*It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you *Africa by Toto:*There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do Com_poser are you really a composer, irl? Com_poser are you really a composer, irl? *Africa by Toto:*I bless the rains down in Africa *Africa by Toto:*I bless the rains down in Africa *Africa by Toto:*I bless the rains down in AAA… *Death by Hammer Bro* *Chuckles* There’s the troll that we were waiting for God damn it. God damn it (>:) ) Am I gonna Ok, so, one more try (Uno masing), I should have brought a helmet, but I F*cked it up last time I got a Helmet… Ok, so, one more try (Uno masing), I should have brought a helmet, but I F*cked it up last time I got a Helmet… *Africa by Toto:*It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you *Africa by Toto:*It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you *Africa by Toto:*There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do *Africa by Toto:*I bless the rains down in Africa *dodges Hammer Bros* *Africa by Toto:*It’s gonna take some time to do the things we never had *Song ends* Okay, nothing else. No, more trolls *You bet* *clapping sound effect* What’s all this shit? *Trolls>:)* What would have happened over here? *You’d die* What’s over here? What’s over here? I want to know what’s over here. I want to know, what’s up there! *Curiosity killed the Carl.* *Laughter*…. F*ck. F*CK! Alright, well we should be able to get out really easily right here. Oh, okay. I get it *Auto-troll>:)* Well, there’s the other troll *Holds a bit left, wins* *Laughter while finishing level* This is really fun playing these music level, And I hope to play some more another time. That time is RIGHT NOW! Bossman makes amazing music levels He made the one year Mario maker level ,that I really loved it *starts The Kraid’s Lair Music level by Bossman* That was like *Stutters* Realtalk: That Mario maker level *Stutters* His mario maker Level was the only Ma-*STUTTERS* the only mario maker level that I have ever played That like almost got tears in my eyes *k* Well, it *obviously* was a good level Yeah, get the Metroid action going, f*ck yeah. *Dies way into the level* Get that spike in my ass going, yeah! (with vibrato) *WHAT.* This is already sick That was amazing; that was awesome. Oh, cloud *epic music plays* *epic music plays* Carl: Uh! *epic music plays* *epic music plays* Carl: shit *epic music plays* *epic music plays*Carl: Well, this is dope. *epic music plays* FIRST TRY, let’s go , WAS THAT FIRST TRY on that section? YES! *Carl messing around* Carl: yeah. *finds 1-ups* Okay, no soft lock, no soft lock spaghetti. Super sick level. That was really cool. Yeah you can just imagine myself jumping over the top of that and getting soft locked. Does Boss man have any more music levels Cuz Bossmans’ music levels are SO good. *opens level*Pokémon? Huh? He made a pokemon theme. Oh, that’s interesting. Let’s see what’s going here. What’d we got here? Let’s see We got here. I do like me some POKÉMENS *transforms to Charisard* Ah, will do Ah, F*ck yeah *Music intensifies* HELL yeah! *gets hit* That’s bad. Are we so good? Probably can we still take a hit can we still take a hit? Yeah! *great music playing* Ah, yes AH, BUMPED MY HEAD. Dude, It’s Charisard, he doesn’t die in the Lava, come on? I love that people are like upping their music level game By like timing explosions and shit with the Saw Well, this makes me wanna play POKÉMON! Oh, I didn’t… Somehow my eyes did not see THE WALL in front of me. This is amazing /urania/ *What did he say?* You guys hyped for SwitchPokémon? I don’t know when that’s supposed to come out, tho. *takes a hit* f*ck UH! nnnNNNOOO! not fast enough. gotta go fast. There we go. please, please, please. yeah, get in that Pipe! Mm-Hmm you get to choose our pokemon. I feel like we choose our Pokémon. Yo, I was always I was always bulbasaur. *becomes pikachu* Yo, I didn’t, f*cking sneaky, sneakachu up there Look at you Sneakachu – I wanted my bula you have to settle have to settle for the one know we like squirtle. Did I just triggered all the sqirtel fans, okay, okay? *the text said ‘Nobody likes Bulbasaur’* SNEAKachu. *reading comments: *’Y U hate?’-just joking. -‘Sqirtle is the best one though’ Com_poser also donated $5 and says no joke watching Carl and /Plute/ pick Makio maker on Youtube it’s why I’m coming to buy the game That’s awesome. It’s those surreal to see you guys playing and loving my levels now, and yes, I’m a composer in real life That’s why the music is awesome, and the platforming is mostly shit *Laughter* That’s amazing. Oh my God. Thank you so much com_poser really appreciate all these awesome moles/levels you made for all of us to enjoy *Outro playing:*I believe, *Outro playing:*I believe *Outro playing:* Every day is a good day once you paint. *Outro playing:*I believe, *Outro playing:*I believe *Outro playing:*It’ll bring a lot of good thoughts to your heart. *Ending* *Subtitles by Sese Mueller, a fan of his ;)*