[Music] [Music] Fuji Rock Festival live on YouTube joining us is Martin Jerry oh welcome back to Japan and happy to be here yeah happy to have you first of all how is your ankle my ankle it’s slowly getting better it’s taking forever but every step for it feels like a victory says good that’s so happy to have you despite of your injury thank you so much and it’s your first time at Fuji Rock how do you like the atmosphere I’m excited the weather is crazy from the moment and we drove drove a was raining very but the people the energy I’m very excited and I’ve only heard amazing stories about the festival so I’m very honored to be here and I’m very excited to play tonight really so you’ve known the festival before you came here yeah mm-hmm thank you so much and what you’ve accomplished within the last few years is so crazy you are a number one DJ for three consecutive years you’ve closed will headline the closing for the Winter Olympics and your life is so amazing but how do you feel how is life for you life is crazy it’s like a constant roller coaster it doesn’t stop and um I’m just very grateful I get to do what I love to do and get to make people happy with it it’s it’s really fun because it’s it’s it’s a hobby I love making music so much I love being on stage so much and and somehow there’s also people who like that so it’s it’s great I I get to bring happiness to people and I get it in return which is it’s not a job it’s it’s it’s crazy what were some of the difficulties were like toughest times that you overcame during your music career um it was – I think when I started because I started touring when I was 16 17 and I didn’t have a budget to bring the whole team with me or bring my parents with me so it was usually me plus one tour manager which was sometimes that with lonely because I like I miss my friends their birthdays or like my it’s it’s amazing to travel but if you’re if you’re 1617 in you’re gone for two three weeks you miss home so but now I’m really happy I feel like we found the perfect balance we learned from those moments and now my family joins me a lot I have an amazing team built around me so everywhere we go it feels like home and the last two singles you put out are like perfect summer anthems would like the uplifting vibes how did you like the writing process it’s fun summer days is very very summery very uplifting and the song actually started with the synth and then wrote the hook and right when I had it I was like wow this is cool this is this is weird and then I had the bass player in my studio and bass guitar player to do something for a song I did with Mike Young called dreamer and I was like yo I got this other idea and I hear like crazy groovy bassline on it and then he put the bass line down and from there I I took it I was like oh this is something very different very different unlike any other Martin garrix songs and that triggered me I really liked it I always like to surprise people and because the song was so different I also like it would be cool to feature very unexpected artists on it and then reached out to Fall Out Boy and Macklemore and they liked this song they jumped on it and yeah I’m very happy I’m very excited you just mentioned about who you feature on your songs I love how your collaborators are very wide and variety and you sometimes look on social media for new talents what can someone who wants to be discovered by you put as a hashtag on their video posts it’s not really hashtags I check videos that get sent to me but I also really I love showcases like small intimate settings where people just play with their guitar like it’s the most honest way of presenting a song you know a lot of people can sound good if the if there’s a crazy song crazy production behind but if someone sounds good with just the guitar you know it’s magical and I don’t know I like the people that I’ve worked with they obviously already had like a fan base or not but I always want to work with someone if I’m connecting with them on a musical level but also on an energy level if I like their energy if I like how they are as a person sure you have to make magic together you know it’s and I’m sure you’ll make magic tonight on your stage too so in a few hours you’ll be up you’re ready for it I’m very ready yeah really looking forward thank you so much for coming in Martin that was Martin garrix thank you [Music]