MC Rick – O Funk Salva os Jovens ? (

– Funk is structuring all the teens, you know bro? If wasn’t for funk, maybe, I don’t know… the guys would even be in traffic. This is the Morro do Papagaio favela. Yeah… I even talk about it in the songs, you know?Papagaio and nothing changed.
Papagaio is the section.What’s the deal, man?
This was my mom’s room in the old days, right? Then it moved up… we moved up some rooms,
then I made a studio here. But… I always lived here, but in the old days it was just…
It was just the garage… just down here. Then we moved it up, up, up. – It was a popular hit in 2014, you know? “Sarrou, Gostou” It already got 15 million views,
that’s a lot, right? The song smashed a lot, especially because it was my first song. Then I couldn’t get other songs right. I started to understand more about music and started releasing, you know? And I learned to prodice with Delano,
who up until then produced my song. He produced “Sarrou, Gostou”. Then he stopped producing my songs, man,
and I started to go down. I was releasingpaiasongs,
bad music, right? “Paia” is from Minas, say “paia” is “bad”. Bad music.
Then I started to produce, to understand more about music and I’m releasing the songs here,
now with my production and such. My mother and my father… my mother was a maid
and my father was a valet in Chalezinho, a nightclub that I… I’ve done… I went there these days to sing,
I think I’ve sung there about three times. Oh, man, it’s gratifying as hell, right?
Are you crazy? So good. Just like my brother.
My brother is my DJ, you know? He… there is everybody, too.
My father is my manager, everyone is in the same… in the same vibe. I made songs for fun, you know? After I saw my mom and dad getting back to work,
my big sister getting a job, you know? Things that… like, because I let it stop in music
and I was kind of blue, you know? And success is something that comes and goes. You have keep always innovating, otherwise it’s gone. And I’ve been down once, bro.
I don’t wanna fall again, are you crazy? By the time I did “Sarrou, Gostou” I popped,
started making money, got thrilled. And I was what?
13, 14 years old, man. And now it’s…
Work, work, work. Cannot stop.