Media Composer 7 Audio Shortcuts

Avid Media Composer 7 features another great
way to adjust audio levels directly within a sequence. To start, navigate to the fast menu in the
lower left corner of the timeline. Choose audio data – Clip Gain. You will now see a small white volume control
icon for each audio segment in the sequence. Click on the white icons to adjust the audio
level for a segment. You can also adjust the audio level by leaving
the position indicator parked over an audio segment, and then use the keyboard shortcut
alt+shift with the up or down arrows on your keyboard. Now, it can cumbersome by constantly having
to navigate to the fast menu each time you want to turn on or off the items like the
clip gain, waveforms, or volume gain. I recommend that you map these functions to
a key on your keyboard. To do that, navigate to the Tools menu and
choose command palette. In the lower right corner of the command palette
window, choose Menu to Button Reassignment. Now navigate to the project window, and click
on the settings tab. Find the keyboard setting and double click
on it. The keyboard layout window will appear. Now, if you run out of keys shortcut keys,
or if you do not want to change the default keyboard layout, hold down the shift key. This will give you some extra keys that do
not have anything assigned to them yet. In this example, I’ll choose the letter V
with the shift key held down. Now navigate back to the fast menu and re-select
audio data – clip gain. Okay, so now the clip gain function is mapped
to the V key with the shift key is held down. Now go ahead and close keyboard window and
the command palette window in order for the shortcut function to work. So now when you press shift V the audio clip
gain will toggle on or off without having to navigate back to the fast
menu each time. For other great tips like this, or to enroll
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