Media Composer cloning and tracking

Avid Media Composer has an amazing paint system
that allows you to clone parts of a video image. Suppose I want to remove this wireless microphone
from the center of this guy’s shirt. Navigate to the effect’s palette and look
for the paint effect within the image category. Drag the paint effect onto your clip. Click on the effects editor button. Within the effects editor window, click on
the oval tool. Find an area that you’d like to clone. In
this example, an area just below the guys microphone. Okay next, go ahead and feather the edges
a bit of the object and then set the object mode to clone. Drag the cloned object onto an area you want
to hide. The next step is to track the object so it
matches the movement of the video frame. Click on the tracking tool in the effects
editor window. Place the tracker onto the area that you want
to track. Press the start tracking button. After you’ve generated the tracking data,
move over to the effects editor window and activate the first tracker. Okay, fantastic! check it out. For other greats tips like this, or to enroll
in an Avid certified Media Composer training course, visit