Media Composer Four Point Tracking

You can use tracking data within Avid Media
Composer to replace the content of an existing picture. First, right click within the grey area of
the timeline and choose new video track from the contextual menu. Edit your new image above the clip you want
to replace. Move the track monitor icon to the V2 track. Now navigate over the the effects palette
within the project window. Click on the Blend category. Find the 3D warp effect and drop it onto your
new clip that’s on V2. Make sure the position indicator is at the
front of your clip. Then click on the effect mode button. Within the effect editor window, use these
crop controls to position your picture into the image you’re replacing. Now twirl down the disclosure triangle for
the corner tracking parameter. Activate all four of the tracking points. Move over to the Composer window. Zoom into the frame using the zoom button. Hold down command + option keys to move around
within the frame to place your tracking points. Place each tracking point on the corner of
the painting. Zoom back out when you are finished. Press the start tracking button within the
tracker window. Media Composer will now track the points for
the picture frame. When it’s done close the tracker window. That’s it, back up and watch the final composite. For other great tips like this, or to enroll
in a Media Composer training course, visit