Meet the Composer: PER DYBRO SØRENSEN

I had an idea about a series of somewhat raw pulsating soundscapes that would interact with each other and gradually expand and build itself around some kind of melodic material. And as I began composing the piece I suddenly realized that… Wait a minute, this sounds like an airplane taking off and then there was no turning back because it had me thinking about all the different kinds of machines that surround us: planes, cars, trains, garbage disposals, refrigerators, furnaces, all these appliances that are part of our everyday life. So because of this I was thinking about machines when I composed the first part, and then when the human voices emerge in the shape of melodic material, it turns out that they’re also processed by machines since they can be printed in the press, heard on the radio or TV, found on the internet or on social media. All kinds of people can take part in the debate on social media. Some times people interrupt each other and refuse to listen and sometimes there’s time for reflection and conversation. Everything is communicated through these machines that surround us. I hope that they’ll notice the contrast between the soundscapes and the melodic material, and in addition to that, since the piece is called Machinery, they might experience some associations related to that as well. They’ll definitely hear something that’s raw and in motion.