Meet the Masterminds Behind District Donuts’ Funky Flavors

(drums) I always say food is food. Like if you can make a great taco, you can probably put your mind to it and make a great donut. With donuts, it really gave us a vehicle that allowed us to do anything. (upbeat music) – District started in 2013 here in the Lower Garden
District in New Orleans. We wanted to kind of reach every person at any time of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. – And donuts was one of those
things that came to us just as a form of comfort and a form of something
that we could really take a culinary approach to. – We were in here every day. The amount of creativity
we could bring to the table on a daily basis, the amount of feedback we
could receive from our team and from the people who come in as guests, that teaches you a ton. – Everything in here is scratch kitchen. Everything from the cookie toppings to the sprinkles to the dough, obviously, it’s just all scratch. So if we love something we grew up on, if Twinkies are your thing, whatever, we could look at that and say, “Man, well what is that
look like in a donut?” Something that makes you go, “Oh wow,” and this is something
people should feel good and warm and happy when they have it. – The one I like the least, – Uh-oh.
– I think that we’ve done is the Maple Sriracha Glaze – Come on, man. – with the candied thyme. – Come on, man. – This is highly personal. (upbeat music) When you create jobs in a neighborhood and then you realize the
neighborhood is impacted by that job creation environment, that changes how you view a neighborhood and so our hope is to tailor our gift to serve the community and change it for the better. – We’ve started to roast
our own coffee. Basically for every bag of coffee goes a dollar to a specified non-profit and we branded it Cool Kids Coffee. Cool Kids Coffee Roasters focuses on the cool kids of Children’s Hospital or the cool kids of a
foster care non-profit. We think if businesses can take what they do, their product, and figure how to turn that
into a way to serve people outside of that immediate
relationship as buyer and seller, that creates better communities. – I see what we do as a
truth to the city, which is saying, “How else would we be? We’re from New Orleans and that’s just kind of
how we think down here.” What’s next for us is to
continue to spread the love and figure out how to
bring donuts, sliders and coffee to new neighborhoods and bring Cool Kids Coffee
Roasters with us as we go. So we’re hopeful to continue
to build the brand of District.