Memories guitar tutorial (Maroon 5) chords with capo, no capo and Eb standard | Pareng Don tutorial

this is memories by maroon 5 okay I’m going to tell you the
chords for different options okay the first option is the E standard you
will be starting with B then F-sharp major and then A flat minor and
then E flat minor and then E then B then E then F-sharp major
that’s it that’s the pattern okay again for the pattern B, F sharp, A flat minor, E
flat minor, E, B, E F sharp okay so how to play with your other
hand this is the simplest way I can teach you
use your thumb for the bass then for the B use the fifth string as bass then
another one on the fourth string then then play the lower strings going
upwards with your index for the other fingers like the middle up to you
where you will be comfortable okay then f-sharp sixth string is the
bass then no more second pluck of the thumb after sixth string, pluck up for the lower strings and then A flat minor six and fifth string then up then E flat minor one string only on the
thumb which is the fifth string E flat minor then so on with the other chords fifth string then up then B one hit only
then up then E two strings in the thumb then up then f sharp okay that’s it okay
now if you’re a beginner you can do this kind of strumming those are your choices so this is the
only pattern that you will do for this song okay you can play this forever and
ever okay now the second option will be using
the capo on the 2nd fret these are the chords A E F sharp minor, then C sharp minor, then B then A then B , E, you got it? that’s the pattern
for the capo on the 2nd fret let’s go now to the third option the
third option is.. you need to know how to tune down your guitar into E flat
standard okay now that I tuned down the guitar to e-flat standard the chords
for the song is C, G, A minor, E minor, F, then C , F, G C, G, A minor, E minor
F , C, F, G okay that’s it those are the three
options for this song okay got it guys subscribe like share and