Men in Black Prank by Funk You (Prank in India) (English Subtitles)

Hey hey.. If 2 guys come to you on a bike.. don’t tell them anything please.. just don’t say anything Excuse me.. If 2 guys wearing Coats come to you, just don’t tell them anything Please don’t tell anything to the guys coming behind me in the Coat! Just don’t say anything! Wait wait wait Come aside.. come aside Where did he go? Where did he go? What did he tell you? He told me not to tell you anything Just tell us! why don’t you wanna say it? he is a thief He told me not to say anything.. but I don’t even know him! So you won’t tell us what he said? But I just don’t know him! So what did he tell you? He told me not to say anything But why won’t you say anything? But if I don’t know you, what would I tell you? OK just call out at the Control Room What did he tell you exactly? He.. he just told me that if someone comes to you don’t tell them anything! But why won’t you tell us? We are Police But.. But I don’t even know him either.. that who is he.. He told us not to tell anything He told you not to tell anything? So you won’t tell us the thing? No! he only said us not to say anything So you will listen to him and not us, we being the police?
-Mother promise sir, he didn’t tell us anything further Do we look crazy to you guys?
-Mother promise sir Ya.. there are these 2 guys who are not saying up anything Look he is also having a G-shock watch This might be stolen too No.. No sir Yes.. this might be stolen as well.. That guy is a big thief and a smuggler of watches
-But sir we don’t know who he is You might be having something in your bag as well..
You can check my bag! He just hit me in the front in haste and I told him don’t you see anything?! that’s it.. Wait wait.. just wait for a minute You don’t know who we are Look who am I Yes Look at this card But what the hell have I done? Look I have one more card with me! You just don’t know us! What’s your name? your name? But why the hell do you need my name? Bro! If 2 guys come to you in coats, don’t tell them anything.. ok?! Wait.. wait.. wait there.. Wait you! Ok let’s take him with us look at this! Let’s take him with us.. OK come with us Sit in here I mean keep that bag inside come on.. come on.. Papers? These guys have stolen the exam papers! No sir! it’s not stolen.. It is today’s paper! Today’s paper? So these guys got today’s exam papers pre-handed?!! Oh Sir.. This is the paper of 2015.. look Ya there is this person on the street down here in a blue t-shirt He isn’t telling us anything What blue t-shirt? why the hell are you involving me? Look we aren’t thieves.. I was coming from my college and he met me down the street, that’s it.. It’s never written on the face of a person whether he’s a thief We’ll have to do the checking..
And its also written on your face I see! I am going for my work right now..
What’s there in this bag? It’s just water..
It is water? or is that acid? Can I drink and test it?
Should I taste it before you do? No wait.. let me call at the control room.. the Police will arrive soon.. So you’re sure it’s not acid? Do you own this watch? Yes sir have a look.. But it’s written G-Shock right here!
So it belongs to G-shock Which phone is this? Who owns it? Oh this is Samsung’s phone!
-Mother promise it’s my phone If it belongs to Samsung..
Why are you saying its your phone? What if Samsung lodges a complaint against you? Look at his Face! He is extremely violent! But we haven’t even done anything What you looking at huh? So he’ll answer in the police station i guess.. Take him with us.. Where is the baton? But if we haven’t done anything, whay are you talking about the baton? Wait let me find the baton (Gets a Brick instead) Would you say it or not? Would you tell me or not? sir.. officer.. Would you say it or should i start beating you up? But he didn’t tell us anything.. Tell me!! The car is arriving and we’ll take you with us.. we give you a last chance to tell us Or else.. you’ll have to talk with the head Mother promise sir.. He only and only told me.. that if 2 guys come up to you in coats, don’t tell them anything.. that’s it Oh.. so he just told you that much? Yes.. really!! Ok it’s OK! no problem.. We were just kidding with you.. there’s a camera right there We were just kidding with you.. there’s a camera right there Oh that was just a joke? Sit behind and come with us now.. Come on come on.. Sit fast.. sit fast.. who is giving us the money? But I haven’t just done anything.. Yes you have stolen things.. sit sit.. I said I haven’t done anything So now you want to be beaten hard Do you want it? Wait!! wait!!