Merovee, Composer and Sound Artist – 2018 Lights Festival of the City of Lyon (Part.1)

I’m MEROVEE, I’m a composer and sound
artist based in Lyon. Tonight we’re at Le Sucre for a hybrid performance,
live Dj set. Where I’ll be working on a rhythmical aspect
of the music I sometimes compose for sound installations
such as this, and will be here tonight and for the next 4 days for the festival of Light
in Lyon, I also work for diverse workshops on participative-arts
and cultural, as well as propositions for Mediafix and other performances. Basically, I became interested in sound spatialisation
a little while ago, with an initial performance in multi-transmission but with common pan-pot-stereo, And I immediately understood the difficulty
of having a set-up that was the same for each performance. With this mode of transmission I was obliged
systematically to readapt to the venue , And that took me allot of time. Thus, I was looking for a solution and naturally
came to that of ambisonics, as they allow one to spatialise in a virtual realm before
once again decoding on an adequate system. As a matter of fact, that’s what’s happening
here. I conceived a performance at my leisure, at
home on my setup, And here we have my sound director Julien
Pagnier, who has recalculated the transmission. Having done but a few tests we’ve saved
a considerable amount of time. The preservation of the low frequencies is
really important. Especially in this ‘club’ context, it’s
primordial, We can’t make any compromises on the multi-transmission if it’s to compromise the timbre or at any rate the integrity of the sound. I’ve been able to test a few diverse solutions
and other ambisonics, and for the moment SPAT seems to be the best
solution in terms of sound.