Multiple transitions in Media Composer

In Media Composer learn how create a quick
slide show with transitions between all your clips. Check out this short tutorial on how to change
the duration of all your slides so that you have plenty of handles to add all your transitions. I’ve got a brand new project here, so the
first thing I’m going to do is click on the settings tab within the project window. Double click on the import settings. Go ahead and specify a duration that you would
like for each still image. Next, I’m going to drag in some still images
into a bin. After they’ve been imported, if you double
click on one of the clips you can see that the position indicator is at the front of
every clip. Click on the script tab within your bin window. Use the keyboard shortcut command + A, or
ctrl A if you are PC user. This selects all the clips in your bin. Pressing the number two key will move a virtual
indicator forward ten frames. Therefore, if you need a two second handle
at the front of each clip, press the number two key 6 times. You won’t be able to see a position until
you mark an in point. Press the letter ‘I’ to mark an in point. Then let’s press the number two key 9 more
times to advance 3 more seconds. Then go ahead and press ‘O’ to mark an out
point. Okay, there you go, all the clips now have
handles at the front of the clip, and they are all exactly 3 seconds in duration. Go ahead and drag them to a new sequence. The last step is to mark in-out points around
your entire sequence. Then press the quick transition button. Go ahead choose a transition and it’s length. Then click on the Apply to all Transitions
button. Okay, that’s it, back up and watch your sequence. For other great tips like this, or to enroll
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