Music Center Presents: Music Together for Elkhart County

In music together class, parents and
children bond when they laugh, since, hug, and dance together when parents and children connect, there are nuero chemical
reactions that organize the part of a child’s brain that’s responsible
for helping them feel connected to others the window for developing a healthy
connection between a parent and a child is relatively small and needs to begin at birth. By
age three, most brain structure responsible for
future emotional, social, and behavioral functioning should be in place recently when a national peer review
board for early headstart observed our music classes for teen moms and their
babies they reported that Music Together was
the best parent training for attachment and bonding they had ever seen human beings are wired for music we’re born as sounders and movers so it’s as natural for us to sing and dance as it
is to talk and walk and if developed, our capacity for music-making helps us learn, grow, and express ourselves in the world all children should have this developmental oppurtunity
with these special grown-ups and it could be such family fun the research based Music Together
program is a brilliant tool for parents it creates that positive environment so
they can develop the nurturing relationship they want with their child. And in addition, it
gives the parents tools to help their child develop language, socialization,
and of course music it’s not difficult to see the connection
between music together classes for these very young children and their future
success in school this program also does a great job in
helping parents realize the critical role they play as their child’s first
teacher it is super hard to find uninterrupted
time to play with my three year old daughter Charlotte when I’m ohm, the phone rings or I’ll feel like I need
to do the dishes or check my email for work, but when we’re at music class, it’s just me and Charlotte,
and I really appreciate the guidance and the opportunity and the space to play
with my child music together is a key to developing well-rounded educated citizens for the
future dollar for dollar i don’t know of a single better investment
our community can make for engaging parents in their children’s lives and engaging young children at such a crucial time in their lives