Music & Instruments : How to Find Lyrics to an Unknown Song.

Hi, I’m Athena Reich and I’m an actress, singer/songwriter
and performing arts coach here in New York City. In this clip I’m going to talk about
how to find lyrics to an unknown song. Say you’re thinking of a song that not a lot of
people know like that one by Sarah McLachlan about your love is better than chocolate or
something, right? So I might, I would type, I would go to Google and I would type in,
“your love is better than chocolate” and I would say, “lyrics”, and here it comes up
right here. I mean, here are the lyrics. Another way to go, I mean just for free. I mean there’s
tons of people who just for free they just go around and they put up obscure songs on
the internet, lyrics for free. But say you want to support the musician and you want
to like buy the sheet music and get the lyrics, you can go to This is
my favorite website, and I would put in well what did we get? The title of the song is
Ice Cream, so I would type in, “Ice Cream” here and I would see what would come up. So
and here you can buy it and order it and they will deliver the sheet music to your home.
So or just Google those lyrics. This has been Athena Reich on how
to find lyrics to an unknown song.