Music & Instruments : How to Play Basic Guitar Chords

Hi, I’m Athena Reich, and I’m an actress,
singer/songwriter, and performing arts coach here in New York City. In this clip, I’m going
to talk about how to play basic guitar chords, your most often used chords. Let’s start with
D, all right. These are frets, this is a fret. One fret, two frets. Yeah, there’s a line,
so this is first fret, second fret, third fret, fourth fret, and okay? So, if you come
down on the second fret and you take; we’re going to number our fingers; one, two, three,
four. Take your first and your second finger and you put it on the first, we count the
strings like this; one, two, three, four, five, six. Put your second finger on the first
string; your first finger on the third string like that, and then you take your third finger
and put it on the second string on the third fret. You’ve got yourself a D chord. All right,
and you’re on, on a D chord you’ll only play these four strings right here. These four
here, one, two, three, four. They’re one, two, three, four, so you count. All right,
let’s learn another chord; G chord. Here’s G chord. Right, you’ve got your first fring,
first finger on the second fret right over there on the fifth string, third finger on
the sixth string, third finger on the first string, all right? There you go, there’s your
G chord, so there’s G and there’s D. Those are your basic chords. This has been Athena
Reich on how to play basic guitar chords.