Music & Instruments : How to Play Guitar

Hi, I’m Athena Reich and I’m an actress, singer/songwriter
and performing arts coach here in New York City. In this clip I’m going to talk about
how to play guitar. Look at the shape of a guitar. See how there’s a little curve right
here? That’s to put on your knee like that. And you can cross your legs or you can leave
them like that and that’s fine. Your right hand is going to drape over the guitar like
this. And by the way, if you’re a lefty, everything is completely reversed. But I’m a righty,
most people are, so I’m going to talk from that perspective. I’m very sorry. My right
hand’s going to come over here and this is where I’m going to strum from. My left hand
comes under the neck. This is called the neck of the guitar. It’s going to come under the
neck and this is where I’m going to play things. Okay, this is where I play the chords, or
I’m going to play the notes. Okay, and then you just pick at things like that. And you
basically, with strumming you can put your own sound to it or you can do picking patterns.
And the key is practice. I mean you’re not, don’t expect to learn in one day or even in
one week. I mean, but the best thing to do like if you can do five minutes a day. I mean
I promise you within a month you, you’re going to make some significant progress. This has
been Athena Reich on how to play guitar.