Music maker jam tutorial and Review

hello guys – Tomasz TGM here and today
i’ll be reviewing music maker Jamm the brand new update that they did their
brand new layout for android devices, I will show you how to use it watching you what they changed in
everything and first of all I will start of the pictures and then i’ll show you
around the application of granulation let’s go ok so this is your recordings menu be
four and now this is how they changed it I must say it does look a lot nicer
there was a little bit of a glitch here with the pictures i don’t know why but I
think I’m i love you know this is your new styles one that was before and how
it looks now this four in a row now and he looks really nice actually i do
prefer this one the look of it it’s a lot nicer this was your styles
that you before and this is now I must say they I do like this one it looks a lot nicer
as well their projects before and this is after
now there’s another glitch over here as you can see i’m hoping to fix it next
time but this is the layout how it looked
before I don’t see the top left picture this is like and it didn’t look nice
actually and everything it was easy to understand and yeah it
was really nice and then they changed the injustice and it’s a lot cleaner if
you know I mean like it’s easier to see things but there was a bit of a glitch
hide behind on the bomb right but don’t worry you’ll see the full application in
work now actually i’ll show you now ok so we’re going to go into more styles
and we will download house because I think house is pretty good our ok just crushed all it is in your
application so you know where that happens but don’t worry guys it probably is just my tablet because
it’s finding an unofficial version of android 5.0 underlying pops OH yep ok let’s do that again so more styles
house and then we can buy it and we can review the demo song have listened to
the demo some oh yeah guys I I realized you won’t be
able to hear it because I’m not recording internal audio but don’t worry
i will show it to you when will be making this song ok so don’t work now this is a pretty
cool brand new down loading screen thingy which looks pretty damn awesome
actually that wasn’t here before so it’s pretty
cool feature let’s speed up a little ok house for
free will successfully downloaded now let’s go and jam it up oh sorry I want to settings by accident
oh yeah by the way you can go to settings and there’s a brand new feature
which is audio settings actually as you can see and the cool thing is you can
choose a sample rate and everything you can actually like choose that you
couldn’t before so that’s a pretty cool new feature
about it that is actually pretty useful to me and
yet you’ve got some more other stuff here about the program and stuff but
anyway let’s go into it so little projects new
project and we are welcome with this brand new
the tab actually which was really nice I didn’t like it and yeah you’ll find
all your new features old design as well as some new ones including the new
recording feature ok so this is what we have looks run you
like I would never think this is the equalizer now this might be a little bit confusing
for you guys if you don’t know the keynotes but don’t worry i’ll go over it and
because before he was squares now it’s different don’t worry i’ll show you how everything
works and yeah you can now press on it and choose your keys which is also
different we didn’t have that before the next tab
is the beats per minute and a master volume you can customize how loud you
want your song to be that’s pretty this tab and the last one
is the recording feature which is pretty cool so I am running the tests we cannot
hear it but there’s actually some sound coming out of it makes like this siren
kind of like a police car sound kind of but yeah this is where my recording it’s about the stock and i’ll show you
how to use it okay guys i’m extremely sorry i have to
record like this but unfortunately every time I record the screen of my tablet it
just crushes and I have to record this way that’s the only way to show you how it
works I’m really sorry but anyway you press this little plus button over here
and you get this brand new menu and let’s choose house to have a lot listen
it’s going for something yes that’s good i hope you can hear it
and because I you know it’s pretty for a while let me just put the master volume
all the way up by the way I’m changing it all in here this is all the buttons this is to play
where is it there it is to play record the little plus button you can see is
for the parts over here ABC and stuff ok let’s choose the note thing and this
is it might be a little bit confusing if you don’t know the keys I’m
unfortunately you might have to play the song on the right over here and then
choose their letters but i do know them so i will choose it straight away i’ll
show you how it sounds like in a second there we go actually let’s change this
2d sounds with this and going to sound better let’s have a listen to it okay that sounds good let’s come back
here and let’s press the little plus button over here and as you can see now
we have a brand new world tab and let’s add some beet ok now let’s have a listen to this yeah sounds call and we can also add
some hold on and some singing yeah let’s have a listen to the
equalizer does that’s pretty cool you can make it faster if for any reason and yet so when the recording feature
now this is pretty cool so you can record your own voice and
with the music thanks for watching and I will see you
later comment below if I lost if I missed anything or anything and I’ll i
will travel to reply to you in here by now