Musical Instrument Lending Library Mini-Doc

The musical checkout program started
with just an idea. I saw that other libraries are checking out cake pans, tools, fishing poles. And why not musical instruments, they’re so easy to buy. Of course, I had to get people to support me. It gives everybody a chance to actually
try something new. We have a full-size accordion over here. This is a mandolin, a
ukulele, this is a banjo right over there. I am in the process of getting more
because we recently got a grant for $1,500 from the Temecula Valley Women’s
Club. For the musical instrument check-out program, I would like to expand it so that we are able, if we get more instruments, to offer music lessons for free for the community. Beyond the musical instruments I am thinking of maybe camping equipment or like a little DJ mixer. Things people don’t really expect to find in the library but they might find it useful. The sky is the limit for ideas of what
we can check out to the public.