Musical Instruments & Recording : How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

How to change acoustic guitar strings. First
of all you want to make sure your hands are very clean. You might want to clean them during
your actual string change because the main thing that affects the string tone is grease
and grime and definitely you want to have your hands clean before you do that. Basically
you take the guitar. It is easier to put on inside. If you have a table it is easier to
do that. It is hard to hold the guitar and try to change the strings while you are holding
it so if you have a table you can set it on it. First you want to take off pretty much
most of the strings, I would leave the low D string which is the lowest thickest one
and I would leave the thinnest highest string on and take the others off, that way you don’t
take off completely all the strings and leave the neck open to bending because it is bent
in the way it is supposed to be bent for the strings to be in tune and you don’t want to
mess with the neck too much so you want to keep the tension there by keeping the thick
string and the thin string on. Then you stick the bottom end of the string into the hole,
you put the plastic piece in to anchor it down and you string across all the way to
the dials at the end of the neck and then you feed it through. There are different ways
to do it. There is a bunch of different ways to feed it through and some people tie knots,
some people just leave it open and you want to leave enough extra length to wind up the
strings enough because you don’t want to keep it completely taught right when you put it
through the tuner at the top. So leave a little slack and you turn the dial until you get
it pretty tight. You don’t want it to go too tight. You just want to go pretty much to
where it kind of makes a note and once you get it at that point you do all the strings
that way. You do all the strings in the middle and then once you get them pretty tight you
don’t have to worry about tuning at this point just get them tight enough to where they make
a note. So now you have all new strings on at this point and they’re not tuned but they
are pretty tight to keep the neck from completely bending back to where it is completely loose.
You want to keep some tightness there on the strings and then you pretty much at that point
are going to tune the guitar. The best way to do that is get a tuner and you just tune
the guitar to the standard tuning and that is how you change strings on an acoustic guitar.