Musical Instruments

Hi, I’m Kiley, and welcome to Musical Instruments. I love music! And, music is all around us. Music is created by people playing special
objects that produce sound, called musical instruments. In this video you’ll learn about instrument
families and the type of instruments in each family. A one. A two. A one, two, three… Each musical instrument has it’s very own family, and the families are based on how they make sounds. In an orchestra musicians sit together
grouped by musical instrument. Let’s look at those musical families now. Brass instruments are made of brass or metals. They are played by blowing air inside
with the musician’s mouth. A buzzing sound is made by
squeezing the lips together and blowing air through them to make the notes. The tighter the lips, the faster
the air, the higher the note. Softer lips and slower air makes a lower note. These are all the brass instruments: We have the Trumpet, the Trombone, the French Horn, Baritone, Cornet, Tuba, and the Wagner Tuba. Percussion instruments are instruments that
make a sound when hit, shaken, or scratched. These actions make the instrument
vibrate to produce a sound. These instruments are hit to be played: Cymbals, Triangle, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, and Drum. There are many types of drums. Some are played with drum sticks, like these. Others are played with bare hands
like Congas and Bongo drums. Some drums are also played with
the feet, like the kick drum. These percussion instruments are
shaken to produce sound: Maracas, Bells, Tambourine This instrument is scratched: Guiro And the Castanets are clapped together to be played. Fun fact: The piano is considered to be a percussion instrument because the fingers strike the keys, and the keys hammer the strings inside the piano. And here’s an unusual instrument,
called a thumb piano, that is played with, you guessed it, your thumbs. String instruments make their sound from strings. Strings can be plucked, strummed, bowed, or
struck to create a vibration. These instruments are plucked to be played: the Harp, and the Guitar. The guitar can also be strummed. Did you know that a harp is basically
the inside of a piano? It’s just upright and plucked with the fingers
instead of being hit with the keys. The cello, bass, double bass, violin, and
viola are played with a bow. Stop the music! Carry on. The woodwind family of instruments produces
sound when air is blown over a wood reed, causing them to vibrate. Woodwind instruments include: Recorder, Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo, Bassoon, Contrabassoon, The racket, Bagpipes, and the saxophone. Here’s a fun tip. Even though the saxophone is made of brass, it is a woodwind instrument because it
uses a wood reed like the others. There are many other types of instruments
that are not part of an orchestra. You might be familiar with
electronic instruments like, the electric guitar, keyboard, melodica, synthesizer, organ, and the accordion. And, here’s an instrument that
works like a woodwind, but belongs in a category of it’s very own: The harmonica. No matter if you are playing an instrument,
or just interested in music in general, our online music games can kick start
your passion for music. Have fun, make some noise, and
remember to always be clever.