My Strange Instruments

hey license so first off sorry I have hoarse voice I have a sore throat right now I don’t know why I think it might be something to do with all the fake smoke that I’ve been in at like all the Disney parks but I’m not sure so yeah sorry sorry about that but today I want to talk about the plethora of strange instruments I own and play specifically my newest addition the kalimba so sadly um a lot of my strange instruments are in storage I think almost all of them are went because I collected most of them when we’re in a house and now I can’t play them because we all have enough space in your regional but I do have this one that I bought the other day collect kalimba or some piano and it’s super nice time I love it it sounds very ambient and almost distant and it’s really cool it’s actually I believe an African instrument and it’s been around it’s like I guess one of the oldest instruments there is right now so yeah it’s cool it just has these 10 times metal tines that are each a note depending on how long they are and you can play songs simple songs so like so yeah it’s cool and like for those who are musically inclined its each note next to each other are major thirds so they’re all chords if you play two notes next to each other it’s a chord so yeah it’s super cool but I mean my strange instruments range from a Chinese like weird flute thing to a sim bones which are like almost like spoons you know those are so yeah I have a lot of strange instruments and I would have more if we didn’t live in an RV like recently I wanted to buy this thing called a shamisen chamois and it’s the instrument in Kubo and the two strings and I really wanted it and I still want it but it’s expensive and big so I can’t buy that currently it’s too bad but yeah I have a lot of strange instruments I’m recording this video in the middle of the week this is today’s Wednesday yeah Wednesday nope Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday and we yesterday we went to Disney park we went to what’s the name of it appraised at least fun one but it was really fun so if it’s the least fun Disney park here and we’re gonna have a great time in all the other ones so yeah we’re just gonna by the time this video is uploaded we will have gone to all the Disney parks except Magic Kingdom and Legoland we’re going to Magic Kingdom on Monday I believe something like that so yeah and then after that Luke is getting here on Tuesday and the day after that we’re leaving to go to the keys so yeah we got a busy week and this is why it this is just kind of a short video where it didn’t do much like a lot like last week because we were just doing so much stuff so this is just no there’s no time to record anything or very little stuff so yeah I guess thanks for watching this video if you liked it you can subscribe up here if you want to watch my recent most recent upload it’s up here and I guess adios amigo